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Fun with Food : 

Fun with Food Tim Good

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Today you will learn to identify food groups and serving sizes. Using this information we will have activities and games that will help you teach your children about nutrition.

Identifying Food Groups : 

Identifying Food Groups Grains and Breads Vegetables Fruits Meats and Proteins Milk Products

Grains and Breads : 

Grains and Breads 6 – 11 servings per day

Vegetables : 

Vegetables 3 – 5 servings per day A vegetable is any edible part of a plant that does not contain the seed. Vegetables are usually the roots, stems, or leaves of a plant.

Fruits : 

Fruits 2 -4 servings per day A fruit is a structure of a plant that contains its seeds.

Meats and Proteins : 

Meats and Proteins 2-3 servings per day

Milk Products : 

Milk Products 2 – 3 servings per day

Matching Daily Intake by Age : 

Matching Daily Intake by Age What counts as a serving? One to three years old Four to five years old Six to twelve years old Teens to Adults

Serving Sizes…..Change based on child’s age. : 

Serving Sizes…..Change based on child’s age. Portion sizes for children Children need adequate calories to meet their needs for growth. On the other hand, portions that are too large could lead to overeating or seem overwhelming.

One to Three Years Old : 

One to Three Years Old

Four to Five Years : 

Four to Five Years

Six to Twelve Years Old : 

Six to Twelve Years Old

Twelve Years and Adults : 

Twelve Years and Adults

Reading & Language Arts : 

Reading & Language Arts Name that sugar Food word web A-B-C food alphabet Fun food poetry

Name That Sugar : 

Name That Sugar Sucrose Brown Sugar Raw Sugar Glucose Dextrose Fructose Maltose Lactose Honey Corn Syrup Corn Sweetener Molasses High-Fructose Syrup Fruit Juice Concentrate

Food Word Web : 

Food Word Web Fruits Bananas Cherries Orange Grapes Apple

A-B-C Food Alphabet : 

A-B-C Food Alphabet

Fun Food Poetry : 

Fun Food Poetry I love to eat strawberries. They are so nice and sweet. They are a fruit. Strawberries are hard to beat. I eat them for my lunch. I eat them before bed. They are my favorite food. That’s juicy, sweet, and red. I eat them for my snack. And almost every day. I pack them in a sack. And take them on my way.

Mathematics : 

Mathematics Farmer’s market sorting and trading Liquid & dry measurement Count the pyramids

Farmer’s Market : 

Farmer’s Market Empty all the pyramid pieces into a large bowl. Have each group select 16 pieces. At the signal organize pieces into food guide pyramid. Find out which foods are in excess. Find out which foods you need. Take turns being traders. First team to get 16 servings wins.

Pyramid Guide : 

Pyramid Guide Grains 6 Vegetables 3 Fruits 2 Fats, oils, sweets 1 Milk, Yogurt, Cheese 2 Meat, Poultry, Fish 2

Liquid and Dry Measurement : 

Liquid and Dry Measurement Measuring tools Dry measurements Liquid measurements Calculating calories

Count the PyramidsHow many triangle to complete each shape? : 

Count the PyramidsHow many triangle to complete each shape? Vegetable Group 3-5 servings Grain Group 6-11 servings Fruit Group 2-4 servings Meat and Protein Group 2-3 servings Milk Group 2-3 servings Oils & Sweets Only a little

Science : 

Science Pyramid puzzle Putting the pyramid together. Ready, Set, Go!!! Digestion Experiments Chewing Stomach Mouth Bacteria Esophagus Large Intenstine

Social Studies & Geography : 

Social Studies & Geography Food among cultures Where has our food come from? Recipes, food groups, and countries. George Washington Carver Peanuts

Food Among Cultures : 

Food Among Cultures

George Washington Carver : 

George Washington Carver

Music & Drama : 

Music & Drama Songs of nutrients Performing a Story

Banana Song : 

Banana Song

Mango and Papaya Song : 

Mango and Papaya Song

5 Fruits & Vegetables : 

5 Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit Salad : 

Fruit Salad

Time To Make Up A Story About A Farmer : 

Time To Make Up A Story About A Farmer

Farmer Action Story : 

Farmer Action Story Create a story about working in a garden or of going to a farm.

Physical Education : 

Physical Education Food group “Tidy Up” What’s in your soup Mr. Wolf Food-Basket Tumble

Helpful Web Sites : 

Helpful Web Sites American Dietetic Assn. Compare Foods Informational Site Food Look-up Kid’s Health

Lets Play “Foodball” : 

Lets Play “Foodball”

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