Paper Mache Sculptures

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Fishwichwich video :

Fishwichwich video

Paper Mache Sculptures :

Paper Mache Sculptures

Art Journal:

Art Journal 1. Papier-mâché : a French term that means mashed paper. It refers to sculpting methods that use paper and liquid paste.

Art Journal:

Art Journal 2. Armature : an unseen frame that is made to support the material (Paper Mache) used to create the sculpture.

Sketch Creature in Art Journal:

Sketch Creature in Art Journal

Elephant Sculpture:

Elephant Sculpture

Building the Armature:

Building the Armature

Reinforce your Armature:

Reinforce your Armature

Adding paper mache’:

Adding paper mache’

Preparing the surface:

Preparing the surface

Final Products:

Final Products

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