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Managing Human Resources : 

Managing Human Resources Human resources: the individuals within the firm, and to the portion of the firm's organization that deals with the hiring, firing, training, and other personnel issues.

IKEA: Furnishing Good Employees Benefits Along with Dining Room Sets : 

IKEA: Furnishing Good Employees Benefits Along with Dining Room Sets Cami Ichiki & Stacy Iwai

Overview : 

Overview Pernille Spiers-Lopez Employee Leadership Employee Commitment Employee Flexibility Employee Benefits IKEA History SWOT analysis

Pernille Spiers-LopezPresident of IKEA North America : 

Pernille Spiers-LopezPresident of IKEA North America Named president in 2001, when sales staff turnover was 76%. The next year she helped the company slash turnover to 56%. Believes that “The number one priority is family” Last fall, Working Mother magazine named IKEA North America one of the 100 best companies for working mothers and singled out Spiers-Lopez for its Family Champion Award.

Employee Leadership : 

Employee Leadership Spiers-Lopez suggested that effective leadership starts with self-examination. Leadership is about being in front of everyone and taking steps that others can’t always see. Good leaders must recognize that they do not have all the answers. Leadership today is really about enjoying change.

Employee Commitment : 

Employee Commitment It’s easy to be committed to the co-worker who’s doing great. Spiers-Lopez believes that “The real commitment is when the employee is struggling. When I hire you, I am there until you don’t want to do it anymore.”

Employee Flexibility : 

Employee Flexibility A key part of Spiers-Lopez’s job is to convince her managers to find ways to match their stores’ needs with those of employees: using flexible work schedules job sharing compressed work weeks other techniques The company has a strong commitment to diversity and tries to attract employees who reflect the communities in which stores are located.

Employee Benefits : 

Employee Benefits Full medical and dental insurance (20+ hours/week) Coverage for domestic partners and children Paid maternity leave Tuition assistance Flexible work schedules.

IKEA History : 

IKEA History In 1943, IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad Based in Sweden The stores exteriors are painted bright blue and yellow, Sweden’s national colors. Originally sold pens, wallets, picture frames, watches, jewelry and nylon stockings. Now IKEA specializes in fashionable furniture and home accessories at low prices. In 1951, the first IKEA furniture catalog is published In 1985, the first IKEA store opened in the USA IKEA North America headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. IKEA numbers 76,000 employees in 200 stores in 31 countries Employs about 7,000 in the U.S. stores and plans to open 50 new stores over the next decade.

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis Strengths Low prices Advertising (catalog, website, radio, word of mouth) Good online presence Wide range of products & styles Self-Serve area One-stop shopping Model rooms A typical IKEA has a Restaurant, Grocery Store, Supervised play area & Baby care room Weaknesses Assemble products yourself Few locations Store layout (store too big for some)

SWOT Analysis cont. : 

SWOT Analysis cont. Opportunities Have some assembled furniture More stores Sell some of their furniture in other retail stores Threats No direct competition Intertypes Walmart Kmart Home Depot Sears Pier 1

Sources : 

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