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Freddy Skarbø Petter Haugarvoll Bjørn G. Bergem

The Beginning : 

The Beginning Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 First store opened in 1953 Begins testing flat packages First store outside Sweden opened in 1963 (Norway, Oslo) 186 stores in 43 countries

IKEA Value Chain : 

IKEA Value Chain

Suppliers and Purchasing : 

Suppliers and Purchasing 1.800 suppliers in 55 countries Purchase most products from Europe, but also from Asia Manufactures many of its products through IKEAs industrial group Swedwood Swedwood was founded in 1991 and consists of sawmills and factories

Products/Range : 

Products/Range 76.000 employees in 43 countries Turnover for the financial year 2002 was 11,3 billion euro Sells more than 10.000 articles Product Development Company consist of 760 employees.

Children’s IKEA : 

Children’s IKEA The launch of Children’s IKEA in 1997

IKEA Catalog : 

IKEA Catalog Worlds largest printed publication Main task is to lure customers to their stores for a whole year 131 million copies 23 languages and 45 different editions Also ’Kitchen brochure’, ’Office brochure’, ’Bedrom brochure’ etc.

Evans & Wurster : 

Evans & Wurster Businesses compete on the elements Reach – how buyers and sellers most effectively can find each other Richness – ability to emphasize product attributes and/or reinforce branding Affiliation – whose interests in the value chain the business represents

Richness and Reach : 

Richness and Reach RICHNESS REACH The number of people exchanging information The quality of the information Bandwidth Customization Interactivity Reliability Security Currency

The trade-off blown up : 

The trade-off blown up RICHNESS REACH Enablers Connectivity Dissemination of standards New levels of richness and reach attainable

Deconstruction : 

Deconstruction Competitive advantage “de-averaged” Intensified competition Information businesses inherit new value New opportunities for physical businesses Disintermediation Navigators emerge

Disintermediation : 

Disintermediation RICHNESS REACH Traditional approach New approach

Navigators : 

Navigators The navigator will compete on Reach – the size of the universe across which it can navigate Richness – the quality and customization of the information delivered Affiliation – the closeness with which the navigator identifies with the interests of its client, and serve as agent for the client’s interests Competition is to aid customers to navigate towards your company’s products.

IKEA – new business model : 

IKEA – new business model RICHNESS REACH Web catalogue Online ordering Virtual design Alliances Segment-of-one

IKEA versus Stordal Møbler : 

IKEA versus Stordal Møbler RICHNESS REACH Stordal IKEA

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