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Welcome : 



TREM Teachers Training on Electronic Manual Development Jürgen Walter

Expectations : 

Expectations Expectations Software for Students - Multimedia? Internet projects Applications of the programs and their problems of e-Books Animations - Interaction Programs to work together with students Technical subjects - Electronic courses Mathematical and Multimedia programs – Test - Exam Engineering methods – Creative Learning Area of conflict open SOURCE IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Sun, Everything must be readable executable with the Internet Explorer ILIAS open SOURCE A cheap product Baden-Württemberg - different training platforms are very expensive - Support Promotion - > no dependence on "Microsoft" "free of charge"?

Aims of the project : 

Aims of the project Production of E-Learning courses A lot of software at many platforms Which platform is used? Effectiveness of the platforms How long students can use the software? Classical instruction - multimedia instruction Only one platform? Text book: Training platform and their possibilities E-Learning for TREM

Mindmap : 


Adress – URL: Information : 

Adress – URL: Information Heinrich Hertz 1/s Frequency

My Activities : 

My Activities Fields of activity microcomputer technology information technology Field of Research HDTV High definition television of 400,000 pixels - 2,000,000 pixels resolution Fields of application IPTV (ExtraHertz magazine) Internet

The red thread / structure : 

The red thread / structure From simple electronics manual to multimedia electronics manual Proceeding modular Programs Applications No information overload

Board : 

Board Powerpoint + Publish Prof. J. Walter Lectures Electronic manuals

Operating Systems : 

Operating Systems Workstation / Notebook Windows XP Personal Digital Assistant Windows CE Server Windows 2003

Programs 1 : 

Programs 1 Script Word Acrobat - *.pdf Presentation – Board Powerpoint Internet Frontpage Powerpoint Structure - Creativity Mindmanager

Programs 2 : 

Programs 2 Video Premiere 6.5 Premiere Pro 1.5 Studio Prompter Teleprompter – Development with students Background Powerpoint Put everything together Powerpoint producer

Programs 3 Test - Multiple choice : 

Programs 3 Test - Multiple choice Program: Hotpotatoes Not always applicable

Tools : 

Tools 1994 – CBT -> Internet Convert Toolbook -> ;-( Don‘t buy „integrated devlopment enviroment“ for E-Learning from small enterprises

Example : 

Example Electronic Board With Powerpoint -> publish This document Microcomputers Simulator

Video-Presentation / Examples : 

Video-Presentation / Examples Technical Videos Reinraum xHz 27.9.2003 Regelungstechnik pur xHz 24.9.2005 - Automatische Autoverfolgung xHz 27.8.2005

Pause : 

Pause Until 12:00

H.P. Voss - Usability : 

H.P. Voss - Usability Handhabbarkeit – Efficiency of handling Guide Line Handbook of Usability Principles Brock S. Allen, Phd Keep the principles simple Support the memory Symbols – Memory overload Reduce information overload

Usability 2 : 

Usability 2 Navigation What is behind the button? Mental structure of the user Tape recorder – easy Mental model of the user Overview – where ? Hyperlinks Red thread

Usability 3 : 

Usability 3 Freedom - discipline Repetition Readability – Support of lecture Powerpoint don‘t give the full information Use both „Pictures and text“

Usability 4 : 

Usability 4 New quality – Visualisation Basic mathematical concepts Mathematica, Maple, Simulink Computer support does not substitude teaching

Usability 5 : 

Usability 5 „Active“ Look for little „moduls“ Work together

Checklist for Learning Systems - Paper : 

Checklist for Learning Systems - Paper Hardware Software – Operating system Possibility to create Exercises Define learning objectives Condition to learn Self-learning of prior knowledge Time – Workload Usability - History of learning process

Checklist for Learning Systems - 2 : 

Checklist for Learning Systems - 2 Simple usability Try out – NO DRIVER LICENCE Hints – Level of exercise Colours Function of colours Animations – simple Sound

Checklist for Learning Systems - 3 : 

Checklist for Learning Systems - 3 Top down <–> Bottom up „Examples“ Videos Animation Short „Videos“ Facts or understanding? Two people – newsgroups – chatrooms No isolation – E-Learning

Checklist for Learning Systems - 4 : 

Checklist for Learning Systems - 4 Computer does everthing you want - your neighbour doesn‘t (social behavior) Social connections Creation of excercises Discussion in groups Interactive elements Mixed Media

zkm : 

zkm Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

Thanks J. Irschina : 

Thanks J. Irschina

Students – Electronic manual : 

Students – Electronic manual Every Student creates an Electronic Manual How? -> Template TREM Example Manuals Tools Example:

Powerpoint producer : 

Powerpoint producer Program to mix different medias Video Audio Text Powerpoint HTML

Linklist : 

Linklist E-Learning von Microsoft Hot Potatoes

Requiremnets for E-Learning-Systems 1 : 

Requiremnets for E-Learning-Systems 1 Only contents are important Adapted to people: Eye – Ear – Speed of Processing and Understanding Video – Audio – Print Interactivity Independent of time As Standalone-System Notebook has to run without server connection Mobil Normal software interface Usable with browser Time needed to gain the ability to work with the system < 2h

Requirements for E-Learning-Systems 2 : 

Requirements for E-Learning-Systems 2 Giving know-how to the user Self-evaluation for students Creativity– Trampelpfade No assistance necessary All contents must be produced alone. All contents and information must be exchanged

History of the Media : 

History of the Media Capturing device Transmission Receiver Medium

Media Today : 

Media Today Video on-demand Print (on demand) Web - Radio WWW (HTML) TV (Live) Mediaserver z.B. IP-fähige D-Box (with hard disc) Cinema Working place electronical paper Living room mobile device small unit (Telephone Clock with MPEG-Player) Cinema Medium Transmission Receiver Compression

The Production : 

The Production Planning the project Gathering information and producing rough material Capturing Creating animations, titel, metadata Assembling – Cutting – finishing Final test Publish and distribute Pre-production Production PostProduction

Process chain – Capture – Distribute - Receive : 

Process chain – Capture – Distribute - Receive

Mittwoch: Prof. Dr. Meisel - Rektorat : 

Mittwoch: Prof. Dr. Meisel - Rektorat 9:00 Hochschule Karlsruhe, Technik und Wirtschaft

Prof. H. Scherf : 

Prof. H. Scherf Laboratory attemps water gauge - Wassersäule Table Tennis Ball Balance a Ball

E-Learning examples - Internet : 

E-Learning examples - Internet

Links H.P. Voss : 

Links H.P. Voss

Fourier series - Fourierreihe : 

Fourier series - Fourierreihe

Convolution - Faltung : 

Convolution - Faltung

Faltung - HPVEE : 

Faltung - HPVEE

Faltung - Maple : 

Faltung - Maple > f(t):=Heaviside(t)-Heaviside(t-1); > plot(f(t),t=-2..2); > with(inttrans); > assume(a>0); > F(s):=laplace(f(t),t,s); > Y(s):=F(s)*F(s); > y(t):=invlaplace(Y(s),s,t); > plot(y(t),t=0..2); >

Time Schedule - Thursday : 

Time Schedule - Thursday 9:00 – 12:30 – Exercises 12:30 – 13:00 - Evaluation

The chain – Capture : 

The chain – Capture Kamera Sony HDV-FX1E Z1E 5000€ - HCR1 1400€ -HCR3 1200€ Computer: 1500€ Firewire IEE1394 Athlon X2 4400+ 4 GByte RAM 1 TB Hard Disk ATI X1600 Grafic Windows XP Premiere Pro 1.5 + Cineform-Codec

New Program: Encoder : 

New Program: Encoder Screen capturing Compress Videos Live-encoding

The chain – Distribution : 

The chain – Distribution Server 2003 Web-Server Media-Server Digital Right Management Optional Mirroring

The chain - Receiver : 

The chain - Receiver Devices – Geräte Computer Television HDTV Notebook PDA PSP Portable Playstation Handy iPod Mp3 Player

Theorie - Practice : 

Theorie - Practice To know how - also doing belongs

Hotpotatoes : 

Hotpotatoes Administrator

Examples - Programs : 

Examples - Programs Signal processing – HPVEE Signale – Sinus - Modulation DFT Mathematic – Maple RLC-System

R,L,C-System: : 

R,L,C-System: Schaltung mit R, L und C Erstellen Sie die Übertragungsfunktion G1(s) – Darstellung: Die höchste Potenz im Nenner hat den Faktor 1. Erstellen Sie die Übertragungsfunktion G2 (s) für die Werte c) Bestimmen Sie die Antwort y(t) des Systems G2 (s) auf die Impulsfolge: Hinweis: Schreiben Sie den Ansatz für Maple auf. Als Ergebnis genügt die Skizze. Die Formel ist etwas umfangreicher. d) Skizzieren Sie Antwort für t=0 bis t=2.

Maple - Signalprocessing : 

Maple - Signalprocessing y(t)=? X(s) Y(s)=G(s)*X(s) R C x(t)) G(s)

Frontpage : 

Frontpage Hotspot Peoples from TREM Name Adress - Institution

My philosophy : 

My philosophy The handling of the new media is a basic cultural technique like reading, writing and arithmetic. You needed at least 8 years therefore

Evaluation, Summary : 

Evaluation, Summary H. P. Voss J. Irschina E-Mail

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