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Biographies on the men on the statue


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Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial:

Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial

Joe Rosenthal:

Joe Rosenthal Took the picture the Marine Corps Memorial is based off of. Born in Washington October 9, 1911 Died August 20, 2006 (95 yrs. old) Enrolled in Military service Rejected for poor eyesight Kept him as a military photographer

Joe Rosenthal (cont.):

Joe Rosenthal (cont.) Photographed American progress toward Japan Photographed the invasions of Guam, New Guinea and Guadalcanal. Took “Raising the Flag of Iwo Jima” on February 23, 1945 Published throughout the world Became manager at Times Wise World Photos

The Men on the Memorial:

The Men on the Memorial Sergeant Mike Strank Harlon Block Franklin Sousley Ira Hayes Rene Gagnon John Bradley

Sergeant Mike Strank:

Sergeant Mike Strank Born 1919 in Jarabenia, Czechoslovakia Died 1945 at Iwo Jima, Japan (26 yrs. old) Refused a promotion The oldest flag raiser Right hand not on the pole Picked out his “boys” to help raise the flag

Harlon Block:

Harlon Block Born 1924, Yourtown, Texas Died 1945 Iwo Jima, Japan (21 yrs. old) Intestines in hand Was a state football player Sergeant Strank’s second-in-command

Franklin Sousley:

Franklin Sousley Born Sept. 19, 1925, Hilltop, KY Died March 21,1945, Iwo Jima, Japan (19 yrs. old) Red haired and freckled Lost his Father at nine years old Enlisted at 17 and fought at 18

Ira Hayes:

Ira Hayes Born January 12, 1923 Sacaton, Arizona Died January 24, 1955 Bapchule, Arizona (32 yrs. old) Dead drunk faced down in a ditch Was a Pima Indian Everyone said he was a hero He didn’t feel like he was one

Rene Gagnon:

Rene Gagnon Born Manchester, N.H. March 7, 1925 Died Manchester, N.H. October 12, 1979 (54 yrs. old) Youngest survivor Kept a picture in the webbing of his helmet of his girlfriend for good luck

John Bradley:

John Bradley Born July 10, 1923 Antigo, WI. Died January 11, 1994 Antigo, WI. (71 yrs. old) Nickname was “Doc” or “Jack” Only gave one interview in his whole life

The Battle of Iwo Jima:

The Battle of Iwo Jima February 23, 1945 About 70,000 American Soldiers About 7,000 killed/missing 20,000 wounded About 23,000 Japanese soldiers Only 216 survived, but captured 17,000-18,000 killed/mising Japs were underground doing artillery work. Were blown out from grenades, rockets, and flame throwers



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