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Employee Separation – Resignation, Termination and Absconding:

Employee Separation – Resignation, Termination and Absconding

Introduction :

Introduction Employee Separation is one of the very important and crucial function / process of HR Department. This process, if not handled in an efficient manner, can lead to various legal complications.

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An employee works for an employer and gets paid for his work and nothing else. The relation of an employer and employee has a beginning; they stay together for a while and then they separate.

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Beginning of the relation is called as recruitment process or talent acquisition that passes through selection phase and followed by induction. Staying together in the relation comprises the various phases such has performance management; career management; professional growth; development and etc. And the final stage of the relation is the separation.

Reasons for separation :

Reasons for separation 1) Resignation – Employee decides to leave the organization. 2) Termination – Employer decides to break the contract of employment. 3) Absconding – When the employee decides to leave the organization

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Apart from the above mentioned, the relation between employer and employee can also be terminated during the lay-offs (Financial or economic crisis); during the process of mergers, acquisitions and take-over; or any other legal intervention by the state or central government.

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Based on the type of employee that has been hired by the company, if local or an expatriate or a national of other country or if an employee is hired through outsourcing agencies, the process of separation and the documents involved in it also differs.

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