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Creative Communication: Building and supporting active learning communities online : 

Creative Communication: Building and supporting active learning communities online Karen Hardin Director of Distance Learning Asst. Professor, MM Design Cameron University

CamerONline : 

CamerONline Standards Faculty training Student preparation

Email : 

Email Only for personal questions Filter with subject Appropriate Communication @

Discussion Board : 

Discussion Board Student questions board Introduction board Require participation Discussion administrators for group discussions Devil’s advocate Rules for discussion Archive old

Required Discussions : 

Required Discussions This topic will be posted for 2 weeks. You should fully participate twice during the week, for a total of at least 4 days and several postings.You should participate in multiple threads.Don't repeat anything that's already been said, but respond why you agree or disagree. Your comments should be well planned and complete. You will receive 50 points for your complete participation.

Student Questions Discussion Board : 

Student Questions Discussion Board Use this forum to post questions about assignments, course content, etc. You will be responsible for the comments posted in this forum, so read it every time you log in.

Chat : 

Chat Synchronous Optional group collaboration Optional material reviews Chat rules

Basic Rules for the Virtual Classroom : 

Basic Rules for the Virtual Classroom 1. Remember at all times that this is a public, academic exchange. Do not use this area for personal chats. 2. Keep your responses short. 3. Always pay attention to my instructions during the session. 4. If you see "STOP TYPING" from me it means to immediately stop typing and wait for me to ask for further input. 5. If other students give a response similar to what you are about to give, do not respond unless I ask for more responses. 6. All interactive sessions are stored in an archive and are available to all students in the class-- what you type is stored for all to see.

Contact Info. : 

Contact Info. Karen Hardin karenh@cameron.edu http://www.cameron.edu

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