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This PowerPoint presentation is prepared as an assignment for Dr. Cynthia Wilkins, EDU 506, Classroom Management, Belhaven University, in Mississippi (April 2011)


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First Day of Class:

First Day of Class What you need to know for our most successful year yet! Karen Magruder Freshman English Warren Central High School


AGENDA Introduction Class Syllabus Classroom Expectations Classroom Consequences Classroom Rewards Classroom Procedures Questions

Welcome to Freshman English 101:

Welcome to Freshman English 101 My Contact Information: Ms. Karen Magruder School phone: 601-636-0000 Classroom website: #######@

Syllabus :

Syllabus What we will study this year: Short Stories Poetry Novels Dramas Current Events Essays

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations We are a team in this classroom. I am here to help you achieve your highest potential.

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations Studying English should be a lot of fun. With your help, you and your classmates can have a great year!

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations Entering the classroom: 1. Enter the classroom and take your seat. 2. Check the board and record your English assignment 3. Add your completed homework to the homework basket 4. Add an entry to your daily journal

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations Come prepared to work (books, pencils, paper, etc.). Follow directions. Be honest, polite, make good choices and use good judgment. Give the work your best effort. Treats others as you want to be treated. Listen with your eyes and ears. Raise your hand to speak.

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations You are expected to manage locker trips, bathroom breaks and other duties between classes.

Classroom Expectations:

Classroom Expectations Leaving the classroom: Begin gathering possessions on my signal. I know the time. I will dismiss class—not the bell.

Classroom Consequences:

Classroom Consequences Although I expect the best from everyone, we need to discuss the consequences of bad decisions: 1. Verbal Warning 2. Student Conference 3. Call Parents 4. In School Suspension 5. Parent Conference

Classroom Rewards:

Classroom Rewards Grades are based on: Classwork 30 percent Projects and Tests 30 percents Quizzes 20 percent Journal 10 percent Homework 10 percent

Classroom Rewards:

Classroom Rewards If the entire class achieves a grade of “B” or higher on major tests, I will provide a pizza party with drinks for the entire class

Classroom Rewards:

Classroom Rewards Grading: 90-100 percent = A 80-89 percent = B 70-79 percent = C 60-69 percent = D

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures Excused Absence: Assignments will be listed on the class website. Assignments must be turned in the day of return. Parents and students can follow classroom announcements on the website.

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures Special Events as Rewards for positive class participation: 1. Birthday celebrations must be pre-arranged 2. If serving food, you must have enough for everyone 3. We will have class celebrations of holidays IF Class achieves basic educational goals

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures Above all else, you are expected to be: Respectful Honest Kind On time And you should provide random acts of kindness when possible

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures It is much better to ask dumb questions than to make dumb mistakes. Together, we can work out any challenges. So, let’s talk often. Let’s make this the best year yet!!!!!



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