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Internship Information Session On-line : 

Internship Information Session On-line Metropolitan State University Center for Community-Based Learning 651-793-1285

Welcome! : 

Welcome! This session will include information about policies and procedures, strategies for locating internship sites and instructions on completing internship forms. Thank you for taking the time to carefully review this presentation.

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents What is an Academic Internship? Internship Process – Checklist Internship Resources Academic Internship Agreement Form College and Department Guidelines

What is an Academic Internship? : 

What is an Academic Internship? An internship is one of Metropolitan State's creative learning strategies available to students. It is a structured, academic, credit-bearing, field experience in which a student acquires and applies knowledge and skills, while working in a responsible role within a community, business or government setting.

Internship Process Checklist : 

Internship Process Checklist Attend an internship information session offered monthly. Check the CCBL web site for dates, times and locations: Or, make an appointment with a staff member to get a better understanding of what internships involve. Or, complete this session on-line. Request or pick up a student information packet from the Internship Office. This packet includes the college/department guidelines for your internship focus. It is your responsibility to read and follow these guidelines when filling out the Academic Internship Agreement. Secure a site for your internship. Establish your competence statement and learning strategies and complete the Academic Internship Agreement with your site supervisor/evaluator.

Internship Process Checklist - continued : 

Internship Process Checklist - continued Internship Office review: The Internship Program staff will review the Academic Internship Agreement and, if it is complete, forward it to the faculty liaison for review of the academic component. OR If it is not complete, it will be returned to you with instructions on how to complete it. After you have revised the Academic Internship Agreement, return it to the Internship Office for resubmission.   Meet with your site supervisor/evaluator to review and sign the Academic Internship Agreement and then send it to the Internship Office. Make sure that you have followed the appropriate guidelines including any required deliverables (seminars, bibliography, integrative paper, etc.) or additional forms.

Internship Process Checklist - Continued : 

Internship Process Checklist - Continued Faculty Liaison review: You will receive an approval letter from the Internship Office once the faculty liaison has reviewed and signed off on the Academic Internship Agreement. You will also receive copies of the Agreement for registration, your on-site supervisor or evaluator, and yourself. The original will be kept on file in Metropolitan State’s Grades Office and your advisor will be sent a copy. OR If the faculty liaison does not approve the internship, it will be returned to you with a memo explaining why it was denied. You should then contact the faculty liaison to discuss needed changes. After you have revised the Agreement, return it to the Internship Office for resubmission.

Internship Process Checklist - Continued : 

Internship Process Checklist - Continued DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR YOUR INTERNSHIP! Once you receive the approval letter and copies of the Agreement, register in person or through the mail. When you register, you must provide the Registration Office with the gray copy of the Academic Internship Agreement that you received with the approval letter. Register within the semester of the approval date. It is your responsibility to be aware of any financial, registration, graduation or other deadlines you may have and plan accordingly for approval, registration and completion of the internship. Generally, within one week after you register, your internship evaluator will receive the Learning Evaluation (LE) to complete and return to Metropolitan State at the end of the internship. If the faculty liaison is the internship evaluator, s/he will receive the Learning Evaluation.

Internship Process Checklist - Continued : 

Internship Process Checklist - Continued Complete the internship by meeting the goals agreed upon in the Academic Internship Agreement competence statement and learning strategies within the agreed timeline.   Your evaluator will fill out the Learning Evaluation (LE) and return it to Metropolitan State’s Grades Office within one week of completion of the internship. Be sure to send any deliverables required by the college/department guidelines to the faculty liaison . The faculty liaison will assess the LE, and any required deliverables, based on the original Academic Internship Agreement and the narrative evaluation of the LE. A copy of the LE will be placed in your student file.

Internship Resources : 

Internship Resources Career Link: For a variety of other on-line resources, click here: Catalyst – Internship Opportunities: Center for Community-Based Learning: 651-793-1285

Academic Internship Agreement Form : 

Academic Internship Agreement Form Click on this link to download form: DON’T FORGET TO: List number of credits Record Student ID # Include resume if evaluator is not Metropolitan State Faculty Indicate letter grade or S/N Sign and date form – Internship Evaluator and you

College/Department Guidelines : 

College/Department Guidelines For a complete listing of Internship Guidelines by College or Department, click here:

Thank You : 

Thank You You have successfully completed the On-Line Internship Information Session. For further assistance or questions, please contact the Center for Community-Based Learning, 651-793-1285.

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