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Community Language Learning : 

Community Language Learning ??? ??? ??? ???

Introduction : 

Introduction Community Language Learning advises teachers to take their students as “whole person.” Whole person learning means that teachers consider not only the students’ intellect but also their feelings. Teachers become “language counselors” and give no threatening to students.

Experience : 


Experience : 


Goals : 

Goals Helping students to learn how to use the target language communicatively. Helping students about their own learning by taking increasing responsibility for it. Helping students how to learn from one another.

S-T Relationship : 

S-T Relationship Role 1. Teacher’s role: a counselor 2. Student’s role: dependent ? independent Interaction Teacher-Student-Centered 1. Teacher’s part a. In charge & provide direction b. Structure the class c. Physically remove from the circle 2. Student’s part a. Be assertive to have conversation b. Take more and more responsibility c. Interact with each other

Possible Problems : 

Possible Problems Student number control Time control

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Learning is persons: whole-person language takes place best in a relationship of trust, support, and cooperation between teacher and students and among students. Learning is dynamic and creative: learning is a living and developmental process.

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