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Magazine Profile Parichay Mehta DJ-06

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SAFARI is an innovative monthly that provides the young readers with a wealth of general knowledge. The magazine that covers a remarkable breadth of subjects like natural wonders of the world, animal and plant life, mysteries of the universe, ancient civilization and great inventions and discoveries. Also quizzes and brain bogglers. Name of the Magazine: SAFARI

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Harshal Publications is reputed publishing house, noted for its informative books and periodicals that educate and enhance creative thinking in younger generation. Children as well as teenagers have inquisitive minds. They are interested in how the world works and why things happen the way they do. Unfortunately, much of what they learn in school comes to them through the process of learning by rote, whereas it is the learning to think which is the real stuff of education. Besides, they remain constrained by the curriculum, and immense knowledge that lies beyond the defined course of their study is kept out of the classroom. Through SAFARI (the word literally meaning expedition in search of knowledge), Harshal Publications, a more than 30 years old publishing house initiates thought process in young readers, a vital force not only to counter the passive observation fostered by television-dependent age, but also to give them the upper hand in a highly competitive world. Publisher’s Name:

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EDITOR: NAGENDRA VIJAY Name: Nagendra Vijay Bio: Nagendra Vijay is an Indian science writer in Gujarati language. He is son of pioneering journalist and science writer Vijaygupta Maurya . He founded the first science magazines in Gujarati language Scope have written several books and currently plays the role of Editor-in-Chief of Safari magazine . The Nagendra Vijay Science Foundation also launched the first Gujarati-language kids science magazine Safari.

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Bifurcation of the Pages Total Pages of the magazine: 64 Pages + 4 Cover Pages Content Pages: Almost 62 Pages in an issue Advertisement: Around 2 pages (Safari doesn’t take outside advertisements. It only displays their own Publication’s books) Percentage wise Bifurcation: 91% - Content : 3% - Own Advertisements : 6% - Editorial, Letters to the Editor & Cover Page

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CONTENT Safari only caters Scientific Articles. Let it be any field but safari looks at its Scientific aspect. Eg . If the article is on cricket, Safari will explain its scientific aspect of ball’s Swing, bat’s stroke & the distance covered by ball etc. Types of Stories: Scientific Stories in an easy language & format Size of Articles: -There are 4-5 main stories where each story consists of roughly 3000 Words. -There are 2-3 side stories where each one consists around 1000 Words. ADS Only in-house ads of Harshal Publications

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Special Features Banav & Background: Special 1 page photo story on the latest scientific issue. FYI (For Your Information): Scientific issues which were unknown to us. Ek vakhat evu banyu: Historical Story which changed the world in a way. Fact Finder: Readers ask scientific questions & Safari answers them. Super Quiz: 12 questions on different themes in every issues.(Answers are given in the same issue) Super Sawal: Most complicated question’s answer in simplified form. (2 nd Cover Story) Mind Games: Puzzles & Questions. (Answers come in the next issue) (ONLY MAGAZINE WHICH RUNS ON DONATION & NO OUTSIDE ADS ARE PUBLISHED IN IT)

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LANGUAGE Gujarati: since 1 August, 1980 (1 st issue) and going on. English: started in 2008 (1 st English issue) and going on. GENDER Despite of being a scientific magazine, Safari is equally Popular in males & as well as females. COMMUNITY Not community specific. RELIGION Not Religion specific. AGE Not age specific. (I started reading it when I was 6 years old)

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Geographical Location Safari’s Office is located in Ahmedabad. It gives the information about the whole universe. Extra Information about SAFARI & Harshal Publications Monthly Magazine Only Gujrati magazine in its genre Running on pure donation money Issued its 200 th Issue in Jaunary, 2011 There are around 15 more books under HARSHAL PUBLICATIONS banner Cosmos (Astronomy), Mathemagic (Maths) & Pranijivan (Animals & Plants) are their most famous books.

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