joint hindu family system

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ADVANTAGES This system ensures a greater bonding between the members of the family.Everyone is there for one another.some tiffs and misunderstsndings do take place but the situation get handeled deftly. This system helps to inculate in the members,respect for others;especially for the the elders in the family. The members are very culturally rooted and have a tradition of their own which guarantees a good upbringing with good values. The children of working parents are well taken care of and looked after by the other ladies in the house when the parents are out.No servent is kept on the payroll for looking after the children as it is believed that their company will spoil the kids. Father being the head of the family,other members don’t have to shoulder so much of responsibilities. Everyone is welcome and the head of the family sees to it that all are well looked after; he doesn’t leave a room for complaints.

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