Nuclear Problem

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Nuclear Problem :

Nuclear Problem Level 4 Teacher : Doris Molero Date: 05 APRIL 2011 Members : Mariana Bracho Joselin Cano Andrea Rubio Glaucia Villalobos

Nuclear Problem :

Nuclear Problem ABOUT GLAU…. Glaucia Villalobos Nuclear problem What changes occur? Who are the heroes of the problem? Level reflection on learning ABOUT ANDREA…. Change Heroes Reflection Andrea Rubio Unit . 7 and 8 ABOUT YOSE…. People with special talents videos the problem nuclear Level reflection on learning Joselin Cano Unit . 11 and 12 Level reflection on learning Deseases by nuclear radiation Body parts affected by nuclear radiation ABOUT MARIANA…. Unit . 9 and 10 Mariana Bracho

Hi, my name is Glaucia Villalobos:

Hi, my name is Glaucia Villalobos I'm 18 years old I’’m from El Mojan I study law at URBE I like : s leep a lot and spending time go shopping with mi mom and twitter I love : my twin’s cousins Angel and Jose Disney's movies and listen music my dream is to graduate to be featured on the merits and my profession ABOUT GLAU…. Glaucia Villalobos

Slide 4:

• Changing climate variables: increased average global temperature, low layer snow, sea level rise, increased precipitation, etc. • human migratory processes. • Increased number of storms and their intensity. • Forest fires. • Increased occurrence of floods and flash floods. • Extension of pests and diseases into new areas, due to changes in climate. • Loss of agricultural productive capacity. • Increased erosion. Glaucia Villalobos Nuclear problem What changes occur?

Who are the heroes of the problem?:

Who are the heroes of the problem? Enrich Fermi Won Nobel Prize for his work on nuclear processes in 1938 . Henri Becquerel Discovered nuclear energy 1896 Yasuchika Honda "His job was in this type of job, and I always knew that this could be his destination, which could eventually have to deal with this kind of thing“ Charge of finding survivors Hidehiko Nishiyama "The amount of water is enormous and we need all the wisdom available“ Responsible for reviewing radiation contaminated people Glaucia Villalobos

Level reflection on learning:

Level reflection on learning My favorite was the twelve unit Discussing movies I love to go to like both the movies and see my favorite movies in my spare time. I also liked the unit seven concerning changes because it was very interesting and I learn a new vocabulary and know that you would like to switch to my new classmates my level four in English was very interesting and fun to be very dynamic classes and perform many different activities in the classroom and at home interacting via the web with my friends . by the teacher to give us the opportunity to have more knowledge in a fun way through various activities that help capture more than a new language faster. I also learned to use new web tools in order to perform my activities and put them on my personal blog Glaucia Villalobos

Slide 7:

ABOUT ANDREA…. My name is Andrea Rubio. I’m 18 years old . I law student in URBE. I like read the book , my favorite is twilight because its interesting trama. I go to the movie usually whit my friends or my parents .


Change The nuclear problemis generating concerns to the ecosystem such as the hole in the ozone layer , causing too pollution of soll , air and water . The are no solutions yet however , they will released a program to reduce emission gases . Andrea Rubio


Heroes Al Gore He’s an american ecologist and politic . He won the peace nobel prize , because of his contribution to the world action and reflection againstthe climatic change . He played in the winner Oscar documentary : An inconfortable truth ; it is about the climatic change , where Gore shows the responsability that people . Andrea Rubio

Reflection :

R eflection Andrea Rubio This english class is good because I leart the vocabulary , grammar and new pages social ( the blogspot ). The unit 7 leart about change and the unit 8 about heroes , persons helps to planet , in the unit 9, 10 leart about memories and the body and finally in the unit 11, 12 about special talents and movies . I like it my news friends . Don´t change nothing of my class of level 4.

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ABOUT MARIANA…. Mariana Bracho I love dance I eat pizza study social communication in urbe I like sleep I want a car

Slide 12:

Body parts affected by nuclear radiation Mariana Bracho DNA in cells Lung Liver colon esophageal skin Breast cancer Why ? For the amount of radiation exposure a person receives

Deseases by nuclear radiation :

Deseases by nuclear radiation Mutations Lung Cancer dizziness vomiting Breast cancer leukemia Liver cancer ( Milisieverts ) X- rays , Resonances magnetic changes in blood chemistry , dizziness and vomiting death With in hours or days hair loss , diarrhea and bleeding death in two months breast , bladder , colon, liver , lung , esophagus , ovary and stomach Mariana Bracho

Level reflection on learning:

Mariana Bracho learning pronunciation of the English new words learning strategies listen and understand English clearly Level reflection on learning

Slide 15:

Hi my name is Joselin Cano I'm 19 years old I’m from Maracaibo I study Grafic Desing at URBE I like : exercise and dance eat lots of ice cream is my fascination, and visit my family I love : my boyfriend is my main treasure and also cook my dream is to become a professional, be featured in my profession, to raise a family and you can have what I dream. ABOUT Yose…. Joselin Cano I don’t like the fights

People with special talents:

People with special talents The Chief of Staff of the Government of Japan, Yukio Edano , has become the visible face of the cabinet of national emergency, with special talent to manage the disaster after an earthquake in Sendai. Inaccessible to despondency, it's amazing how working tirelessly 24 hours to inform citizens and the world taking sufficient calm and giving the latest data on the devastating earthquake. Joselin Cano Yukio Edano Amazing, outstanding, are one of the constant names that refers to the achievement that won this great work is.

videos the problem nuclear:

videos the problem nuclear Joselin Cano In a simple NHK video explains perfectly the problem suffered by 1 in Fukushima reactor and as one to one have been going down the emergency measures whose function is to cool the nuclear reactors and obviously avoid overheating that could lead to a catastrophe frightening proportions. This video was made ​​by a group of young Japanese This demonstrates the solidarity of the Japanese, how, amid all this chaos, worry about children and try to calm them. The truth shocked me, especially how they spoke of the "doctors", and talks a lot of what the Japanese, their great solidarity that few countries would be given up to a mess like this.

Level reflection on learning:

Level reflection on learning English level 4 learning about different things that attract me more than others but as they form my vocabulary, because the English impractical for time but would like to continue to educate me on it. Unit 7. I would like to change my hair color and having a car that makes me so much. unit 8. My hero is my mother is a special woman, strong, smart for me is amazing to see how a woman can be so many things into one. unit 9. my memories are in my childhood my brothers, my friends, my family are an important part in each of them, go out and play, hide not to eat was wonderful unit 11. imagine my special talent is all I have this great talent from there is where I get all my work 10.The unit parts of my body that I care most are my eyes and my hands are essential for my career, I try not hurt or strain unit 12. my favorite movie is Enchanted to disney I am very attracted to that style, fantasy and the real world came together to make this beautiful movie Joselin Cano

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