Technological environment


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Technological environment:

Technological environment Innovation

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Innovation may take any of the following forms: the introduction of any new product, the use of a new product, the opening of the new market, the reorientation of the new industries. In business context , innovation may be defined as “the technical, industrial and commercial steps which lead to the marketing of new products and to commercial use of new technical process and equipment.”

Causes for the failure of the new product:

Causes for the failure of the new product

Sources of technological dynamics :

Sources of technological dynamics Expectations Innovative drive of the company Demand conditions Suppliers’ offerings Competitive dynamics Substitutes Social forces Research organization

Impact of technological environment:

Impact of technological environment

Indicators of technological progress:

Indicators of technological progress

Transfer of technology:

Transfer of technology Process by which commercial technology is disseminated.

Levels of TT:

Levels of TT

Methods of technology transfer:

Methods of technology transfer

Technology in different fields:

Technology in different fields Nanotechnology Biotechnology Data mining Network security

Technology environment in india:

Technology environment in india Low level of government spending on the development of science and technology. Inadequate infrastructural facilities for research. Inadequate monetary and fiscal incentives for research and dev. Inadequate funds for research. High competition with MNC and other foreign agencies.

Time lags in technology:

Time lags in technology Refers to the late implementation of technology in the country. Generally it is related with the idea of developed & developing countries. There is often a time lag between countries in the adoption and diffusion of technologies.

Importance of transfer of technology:

Importance of transfer of technology

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