Mr. MS meets Ms. IL

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To Someone Very Special I know who mine is …

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Mr. Mississippi Meets Ms. Illinois By: Tyler Wilson

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Based on a true story

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Mr. Mississippi is workin on the farm Picking his cotton and storin it in the barn He hops on his tractor and heads to the field To see what other crops the ground will yield

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Ms. Illinois is preparing for the winter The wind grows cold and the wood needs splintered She knits her mittens and slips on her scarf For after making snowmen she’ll warm by the hearth

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After the seasons the two packed their things And headed to Tennessee to see what it would bring They both liked sports and continued to play in college They studied real hard and went to class for knowledge

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Neither knew the other as the two walked by So Ms. Illinois spoke up and said hi And would you believe it that just before it got dark Mr. Mississippi and Ms. Illinois headed to the park

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Mr. Mississippi looked up and to his surprise It was the most beautiful girl in the world with sparkling brown eyes And after a short greeting the two parted ways But Mr. Mississippi would think of her for days

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His heart beat fast as it began to ponder Of the beautiful young girl with all her charm and wonder One day his heart beat so funny it was all he could stand And asked Ms. Illinois if he could hold her hand

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Ms. Illinois had a good feeling about this man But wondered if she should let him hold her hand Her friends all said Mr. Mississippi is a cheap state “Don’t look at him. He’s not worth to date

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But Ms. Illinois gave him a chance And not long after, they had their first dance Mr. Mississippi and Ms. Illinois agree that it doesn’t matter how far you are apart, What matters most is how you feel in your heart

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To Lauren.., Thanks for the inspiration

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