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INTRODUCTION Spice jet is a low-cost airline based in New Delhi. It began service in 23 May 2005. Spice Jet was earlier known as Royal Airway The director of this airlines is Mr. Ajay Singh. This airline has more than 2500 employees working with them currently. SpiceJet names all its aircraft after various spices and herbs like Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano.


MISSION AND VISION MISSION : To become India’s preferred low-cost airline, delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value, to price sensitive consumers. VISION : To ensure that flying is no longer only for CEOs and business travellers, but for everyone


MARKETING THEME & AIM : Their marketing theme “ Offering low 'everyday spicy fares' and great guest services to price conscious travelers ” Their aim To compete with the Indian Railways passengers travelling in air conditioned coaches.




PRODUCT Core product Transportation Supplementary product Check in services In-flight refreshment: Provides snacks and beverages in selected longer duration flights, but you have to pay for them in cash on the flight. You can buy Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Snacks, Refreshments and Fruit juices, etc. on the flight. Drinking Water is available for free to all passengers on Spice Jet fights In-flight entertainment : Spice Jet is a low cost airline and there is no electronic in-flight entertainment on the flight. Spice Jet has an entertaining in-flight magazine called Spice Route Luggage services

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Seating arrangement: Assigned seats . As an additional service feature Spice Jet Guests who book with us over the Internet can select their seats at the time of making their booking Special assistance Upon reservation we will make every effort to ensure that any special services you may require such as wheelchairs from the airport check-in to the aircraft are available for your use. Spice Jet charges Rs 500 per guest for offering this service.


PROMOTION PROMOTIONAL TOOLS: word-of-mouth marketing print ads in newspapers and magazines TV commercials Internet media initiatives. outdoor mix is has concentrated primarily on hoardings, railway platforms, airports, shopping complexes, and malls.


PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUES Brand campaign Its tagline 'flying for everyone' The airline has also rolled out print campaigns across all leading newspapers from May 20, one day after the formal launch of the airline Basically the idea behind the campaign is to empower the ordinary people the power to fly

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" Get more when you fly Spice Jet ” It positions the brand as one that delivers value beyond the price point. In addition to providing a safe, modern and young fleet with efficient, warm, friendly and on time service, Spice Jet also listens to its consumers and offers experiences that they value .

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It aims to gently provoke those who have not experienced flying with Spice Jet or do not fly regularly with it to take note of value-added features and benefits they can expect to enjoy while flying Spice Jet .“

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Spice Jet is a discount airline .Coupons for SpiceJet.com can lower the cost of purchases made through the website. These coupons come in the form of codes and are specifically called "Spicy Codes" on the Spice Jet website. They can be redeemed by entering them into the "Spicy/Promotional Code" box prior to the confirmation of a reservation. Various promotional offers are also given . website continues to be a key channel of distribution and information for our customers. We wish to enhance our online presence to build our brand, understand our customers and drive more traffic to our site. Spice Jet has appointed i -Vista Digital Solutions as its digital agency


PRICE Spice Jet is India's 'best low cost airline', delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value They have intelligently mixed low-priced ticket prices with decent onboard services to satisfy frequent travelers. Innovative pricing has also been central to the company's success. It also offers everyday “spicy fares”, which is very cheap and you can buy your ticket at extremely low fares. Also spicy codes and various promotional offers which give discounts to the travelers are provided

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Spice Jet started off its services with a revolutionary pricing of Rs. 99 for the first 99 days. This was followed by air tickets priced at Rs. 500 and Rs. 999 - a pricing strategy that continues. As a result, the airline's prices compete with first-class Indian railway fares


PEOPLE At Spice jet, ‘people’ are the most important ‘p’ The airhostesses at spice jet come in contact with the customers in the process of providing the service, while the cock-pit crew are employees who contribute to the service product but do not come in direct contact with the customers. At spice jet the front line staff play a critical role in ensuring that the service is delivered to the customers as promised.

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Air hostesses at this Airlines are to possess a pleasing personality with polite service expected handling

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PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Physical Evidence refers to the environment in which the service is delivered and where the service industry and customer interact. At spice jet, the aircraft by itself would make up the physical evidence in this service. The airline has a single aircraft type fleet, the Boeing 737-800 which allows for greater efficiency in maintenance, and supports its low-cost structure. Spice Jet's aircraft are configured in a single economy class having 189 seats, which is among the highest in the industry . In-flight entertainment such as spice route magazine is provided

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Booking offices and ticket counters at spice jet Airlines are extremely spacious and well designed with good looks. Further the aircrafts are given excellent exteriors and are maintained well


PROCESS The process signifies flow & reach of services to the ultimate users. PURCHASING PROCESS The process at spice jet begins at the time of reservation goes on to the confirmation of seats. The airline sells its tickets the following ways:via Log on to our website that is www.spicejet.com, look at the availability of flights and the available fares, select the flight and fares, agree to our terms & conditions, fill in your particulars, complete the payment process, and finally generate an itinerary. Call SpiceJet's 24-Hour Guest Sales & Reservation Center at 18001803333 or 9871803333. Go to any SpiceJet's walk-in airport ticket counters or sales offices. Or, you can book a seat at any of our SpiceJet Selected Travel Agents (For this service a non-refundable Transaction Fee will be collected by the Agent).


CONT.. Destination choices Spice jet offers 22 destination choices which a consumer can book Facilities at the airport, the baggage handling, flight information, etc. also helps in delivering quality service and making travel a pleasure. All these procedures form a part of the total process designed to deliver quality service at spice jet Airlines.


SWOT ANALYSIS OF SPICE JET STRENGTH Entered with Rs. 99 fares for first 99 days. “offering low everyday spicy fares” Fleet of 6 Boeing 737-800 with 189 Seats WEAKNESS A fixed-cost perishable product. Limited sectors (Concentrated at only North-West-South Indian Sector) Small Load Efficiency compared to Air Deccan OPPORTUNITIES Future Fleet Expansion will increase its Market Share. Attractive fares and up to date Quality service will generate a huge customer base comprising frequent flyers. Tax holiday on aircraft leasing– The Union Budget of the Government of India announced in June 2004, announced a 5year tax holiday on aircraft leasing. THREATS High Attrition Rate Killer competition– The Indian skies are witnessing a bloody battle for market share.A much anticipated fare war has broken out across Indian skies.


ACHIEVEMENTS : SpiceJet was voted as the best low-cost airline in South Asia and Central Asia region. By 2008, it was India's second-largest low-cost airline in terms of market share. Market share has increased to 11.8 % in January, 2009.

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