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by Gareth Pitchford, 1997 King Midas and the Golden Touch

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Teachers: Mona Baran Grade: seventh grades prerequisites Pupils know vocabulary and phrases associated with the word money. Pupils know the elements of a story such as time, place, characters, author and events.

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Objectives: SWBAT: -Express personal opinion. -Located relevant information for specific purpose -Learn about the story structure. -Compare different elements of English to their mother tongue -Read a myth from ancient Greece -Produce a short piece of coherent writing Domains and benchmarks: - Social interaction. - Access to information. - Appreciation of literature. - Appreciation of language. - presentation.

While- reading activities: - Students answer questions about the story. - Students reorder the story events. :

While- reading activities: - Students answer questions about the story. - Students reorder the story events. post- reading activities: - Students write a story review. - Students express their opinions about the bad aspect of money. Pre- reading activities: -Students answer a money questionnaire. - Students talk about the story picture and try to guess what the story is about.

A money Questionnaire:

A money Questionnaire 1. when you get money. Do you… A-save it? B. spend some of it? C. spend it all? 2. You want to buy a new CD. Do you…. A. Check the prize in few stores? B. buy it where your friends buy their CDs? C. buy it in the first store you go into? 3. You borrow money from a friend. Do you… A .tell her you cant afford to pay her back? B. pay her back the next day? C. forget to pay her back? 4. For you, a summer job is a good way of… A. get rich. B. make some extra pocket money. C. waste time

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Once there was a Greek king named Midas. He loved money. Most of all, he loved gold. But Midas was greedy.

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One day he said, ”I love gold so much I want everything I touch to turn to gold!”

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The king then tried an apple and that turned to gold. He soon Touched all the food on the table and it all turned to gold. His wish came true

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Then his beautiful daughter came in to the room. “come, give me a kiss”, he said. Midas put his arms around the princess and… she turned to gold!

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“ what a terrible wish!” cried the king. He was the unhappiest man in the word.

Reorder the sentences according the sequence of the story::

Reorder the sentences according the sequence of the story: 1. King Midas like gold very much.____ 2. One day he said, “ I want every thing I touch to turn to gold._____ 3. He put his arms around his daughter and she tuned to gold, too.______ 4. His wish came true and every thing he touched turned to gold._______ 5. He was the unhappiest man in the word._______

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Complete the sentence: The king understood that money________ 1. is the most important thing in life. 2. doesn't always bring happiness. 3. makes you the happiest man in the world.

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Well Done

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Sorry Try again

Story Review:

Story Review Story title:________________ Author:___________________ Main character:_____________________ What the story is about:________________________ ____________________________________________ The part I like best:____________________________ ____________________________________________ Why I like the story :________________________ _______________________________________

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Negative aspect of money Bad thing people are prepared to do for money Lie, cheat…

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