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INTERPERSONAL DYNAMICS OF MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA It is basically how people cope with conflicts and relationship with a specific scenario The company engages participants by presenting a strategy for addressing conflicts. Participants learn to resolve conflicts through better communication. We offer a program called Interpersonal Dynamics, which helps people understand that differences actually are a good thing when understood and taken advantage of in daily activities

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PURPOSE : Interpersonal Dynamics is a workshop that helps individuals understand that differences in perception arise from the distinctive ways people take in information and use it to communicate. The brain and how it functions has a great deal to do with this. Participants in this workshop learn why there are differences in how we take in and use information and how these differences play out in communication.

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Importantly, utilized consciously, people work better together and produce far superior products. You will learn both about yourself and others through this process. This workshop helps individuals understand that differences in perception arise from the distinctive ways people take in information and use it to communicate.

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RESULTS : Participants learn both about themselves and others and how to improve daily communication. They will:- 1)Understand the influence of brain physiology on communication . 2)Self identify their personal information processing mechanism and learn how it affects communication . Learn about different processing mechanisms and how these affect others’ needs for communication


INTERPERSONAL DYNAMICS TURN GROUP INTO TEAM The CEO has to have the leadership skiils and knowledge of interpersonal dynamics to take the top executives from being a group into being a Team. It is the quality of the interpersonal relationship on the executive team that is more likely to determine the bottom line growth of the company.


CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA With most conflicts , it’s important to find a resolution. This seems like a statement of the obvious, but many people suppress their anger or just ‘go along to get along’. They think that by addressing a conflict, they are creating one, and simply keep quiet when upset. Unfortunately, this isn’t a healthy long-term strategy.

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Conflict can lead to resentment and additional unresolved conflict in the relationship. Even more important, ongoing conflict can actually have a negative impact on your health and longevity. Conflict happens in all corners of the workplace. Here are three tricks of the trade for resolving workplace conflict.

Mahindra & Mahindra: Implementing BPR :

Mahindra & Mahindra: Implementing BPR The reasons behind automobile major Mahindra & Mahindra's decision to implement a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) program. The case explores in detail the implementation procedure at the company and the benefits that accrued from the BPR program. In addition, the case discusses the concept of BPR, its benefits, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure the success of such initiatives.

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Anand Mahindra, vice-chairman and managing director, M&M, is keen on attaining companies that boost M&M’s global aspirations. This can be done by giving a combination of facilities, technology and dealer network. Meanwhile, M&M came out as the ideal bidder for getting hold of a majority stake in Ssangyong Motor Company (SMC). Type Public (BSE: 500520) Industry        Automotive Farm Equipment Founded 1945 Headquarters    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Key people      Keshub Mahindra, Chairman; Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman Revenue   31,957.83 crore (US$7.09 billion) (2010).[1] Net income 2,871.49 crore (US$637.47 million) (2010).[2] Employees       16,000+[2] Parent Mahindra Group Website Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (BSE: 500520) is the flagship company of the Mahindra Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. The company was set up in 1945 in Ludhiana as Mahindra & Mohammed by brothers K.C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra and Malik Ghulam Mohammed.. The company changed its name to Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948

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Automobile Products •       Mahindra Bolero •       Mahindra Bolero Camper •       Mahindra Bolero Inspira •       Mahindra Bolero Stinger Concept •       Mahindra Scorpio •       Mahindra Scorpio Getaway •       Mahindra Scorpio First •       Mahindra Xylo •       Mahindra Legend •       Mahindra MM550 XD •       Mahindra-Renault Logan (in cooperation with Renault) •       Mahindra Axe •       Mahindra Major •       Mahindra Souvenir Concept •       Mahindra Commander •       Mahindra DI •       Mahindra Cab Chassis M&M is one of the leading tractor brands in the world by volume. It is also the largest manufacturer of tractors in India with sustained market leadership of over 25 years. It designs, develops, manufactures, and markets tractors as well as farm implements. Mahindra Tractors(China) Co. Ltd. manufactures tractors for the growing Chinese market and is a hub for tractor exports to the USA and other nations. M&M has a 100% subsidiary, Mahindra USA, which assembles products for the American market .

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Banking & Finance • Kotak Mahindra Bank The Kotak Mahindra group is a financial organization established in 1985 in India. It was previously known as the Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited, a non-banking financial company. In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, the group's flagship company was given the license to carry on banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. is the first company in the Indian banking history to convert to a bank. The bank is headed by K.M. Gherda as Chairman and Uday Kotak as Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director. Shankar Acharya is the chairman of board of Directors in the company. • Mahindra Financial Services Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd (Mahindra Finance) is one of 's leading non-banking finance companies focused on providing finance for utility vehicles, tractors and cars in the rural and semi-urban sector. Mahindra Finance currently has the largest network of over 436 branches . It has entered into more than 600,000 customer contracts and has disbursements of around Rs. 21000crore since inception. .

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Information Technology • Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra specializes in solutions for communications industry is a telecom-focused system integration and IT solutions company from India. • Mahindra Satyam Mahindra Satyam is a leading global business and information technology services company • Bristlecone It provides a range of services focused on the entire supply chain spectrum, including strategy and process consulting, systems implementation and business process outsourcing, to leading companies globally. mahindra is generaaly a low base company it gets his roots from the asian companies . Club Mahindra Holidays Mahindra Holidays commenced its operations in 1996, offering family lifestyle holidays in India and abroad, though a vacation ownership product. The company is a Business Superbrand '08 and its brand Club Mahindra, a consumer validated Superbrand '09.

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• Mahindra Special Services Mahindra Special Services Group was established in 2001 as a separate division under Mahindra & Mahindra and since then has been a leading player in the field of information security. Mahindra Special Services Group helps organisations retain and enhance competitive advantage through information security & de-risking strategies. • Mahindra Defence Systems Mahindra Defence Systems belongs to the Specialty Businesses of the Mahindra Group. Mahindra Defence Systems oversees the requirements of India's defence and security forces Mahindra Aerospace Main article : Mahindra Aerospace It is the first Indian private firm to make smaller civil aircraft for the Indian general aviation market. o       Gippsland Aeronautics o       Aerostaff Australia

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Infrastructure & Real Estate A pioneer of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in India, Mahindra World City has the distinction of creating India’s first Integrated Business City and also Corporate India’s first operational Special Economic Zone. Agriculture Farm Components Mahindra for long has been into farm implements but recently it took its implement business to new levels by making a separate division for it named 'APPLITRAC'. As a matter of fact Mahindra Applitrac will be first organised farm implement manufacturer in the country.Mahindra plans to take farm mechanization in India to all new levels by offering complete crop specific crop solution . some of the crop specific implements introdeced by mahindra recently in Indian market are: Rice transplanter for paddy. Sickle sword and cane thumper for sugarcane. besides their are a range of other implements including Combine Harversters,baler,rotavators and seed drills. Mahindra have also launched its range of construction implements which includes loader,dozer and back hoe.

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Awards Bombay Chamber Good Corporate Citizen Award for 2006-07 2.      Businessworld FICCI-SEDF Corporate Social Responsibility Award – 2007 3.      Deming Prize 4.      Japan Quality Medal


LEADERSHIP STYLE OF MAHINDRA The Board of Directors of Mahindra Satyam has adopted the Code of Ethical Business Conduct as a testimony of its commitment to adhere to the standards of loyalty, honesty, integrity and to avoid any kind of conflicts of interest. The code of conduct is applicable to: ( i ) Both executive and non executive Directors of the company (ii) All Associates of the company

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The rules and principles set forth in this code are general in nature and the compliance with the code shall be ensured to be read with other applicable company’s policies & procedures and the applicable laws of land wherever the company operates. The Directors and Associates may contact the CORPORATE OMBUDSMAN for assistance in interpreting the requirements of this code. Any queries regarding compliance or non compliance with this code may be raised in writing with the Chairman of the Board / CORPORATE OMBUDSMAN.

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1. Complying with Legal requirements Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations Competition and Fair Dealing 2. Acting with Integrity Legal, Honest and Ethical Conduct Conflict of Interests Bribery / Inducements / Gift and Hospitality Non Alliance with Political Parties Suspected Fraudulent behavior Communication Commitments Confidentiality of information

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3. Protecting Assets Protection and proper use of the Company’s Assets Management and Mitigation of Risk Information Security 4. Maintaining an Equitable and Safe Workplace Employment Practices Anti Sexual Harassment Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

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5. Relating with Stakeholder Customers Partners Suppliers Community 6. Raising Concerns with the CORPORATE OMBUDSMAN CORPORATE OMBUDSMAN Whistle Blower Concerns about Integrity and Non Compliance

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7. Additional Policies & Standards Disclosures Standards Investor Relations International Trade Control Money Laundering Prevention Working with Government Intellectual Property Controllership Social Media Guidelines

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