The Uprising

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The Uprising.:

The Uprising. Made In Egypt.

A Movement For Egypt.:

A Movement For Egypt. It All Begun In TUNISIA , In The 18 th Of December 2010. It Started In TUNISIA , After Mohamed Bouazizi Burned Him-Self. Egyptians Started To Watch , And Say To Their Selves “ WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING”

Getting Ready. !:

Getting Ready. ! Groups On FACEBOOK Gave A Date, Which Was THE 25 th Of Jan. 25 Th Of Jan Is The Date Of The Police Day, Which It’s An Official Holiday In Egypt. A Lot Of Opinion Contradictions Happened Between The Egyptian About the Possibilities Of A Revolution.

The Events.:

The Events. 25 Th Of Jan. Tens Of Thousands Went Out In A Non- Violence Protesting. It All Started In Only Three Major Cities (Cairo, Alexandria, And Suez). 26 Th Of Jan. After The Hard Work Of All Admins On The Groups On FACEBOOK, The Government Took A Very Immature Decision Which Was Shutting Down The Internet, And All Mobile Services.

The Events.:

The Events. 28 Th Of Jan. Friday Of Anger. Hundreds Of Thousands Of Protests In Cairo, Alexandria, Suez. A Lot Of Martyrs Were Shut Dead By The National Guards And The Police. President Hosni Mubarak Made His First Address To The Nation. 29 Th Of Jan. Egyptians Started To See More Military On The Streets. A Curfew Was Declared. Protests Increased All Around The Nation. The Military Reportedly Refused To Follow Orders To Fire Live Ammunition . It Was The Start Of The Overturning Of The Military Against Mubarak.

The Events.:

The Events. 1 St Of Feb. Mubarak Went To The Media To Give His Speech And Offered Several Concessions. He Wont Run In The Next Election Of September. People that Support Mubarak Came And Started A Small Conflict With The Protesters. 2 nd Of Feb. Battle Of The Camel. The Mubarak Supporters Met Again With The Protesters, And They Fought Together. A Lot Of Martyrs Were Dead This Day.

The Events.:

The Events. 6 Th Of Feb. The Egyptian Christians Held Their Sun Day Mass In Tahrir Square, Protected By The Egyptian Muslems. Mubarak’s Men Said That America Sent People To Make An Uprising Against Mubarak’s Government.

The Events.:

The Events. 10 Th Of Feb. Mubarak Gave His Last Speech. The Speech Was Unpredictable. The People Wanted His Resign, But H e Didn’t AND Talked About The Future. The people Raise Their Shoes While He Is Giving The Speech, It Shows The Rejection.

The Victory. :

The Victory. 11 Th Of Feb. Friday Of Departure. Mr. Omar Soliman Gave The Speech Of The Resigning As The Vice President Of Mubarak. Celebrations All Around The Nation Of Egypt.


NEW EGYPT. 13 rd Of Feb. The Supreme Council dissolved Egypt’s parliament and suspended the Constitution in response to demands by demonstrators. The council also declared that it would hold power for six months, or until elections could be held.


NEW EGYPT. In a gesture to a new beginning, protesters cleaned up and renovated Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the demonstrations, although many pledged they would continue protests until all demands had been met.


THE BIGGEST LOSERS. 17 Th Of Feb. The army stated it would not field a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. Four important figures of the former regime were detained on that day: former interior minister Habib El-Adly, former minister of housing Ahmed Maghraby and former tourism minister Zuheir Gharana, as well as steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz.

Important Dates.:

Important Dates. 2 nd Of March. The Constitutional Referendum Has Been Tentatively Scheduled For 19 March 2011, But The Date Is Yet To Be Officially Confirmed. 3 rd Of March. Ahmed Shafiq Stepped Down As A PM. He Was Replaced By Essam Sharaf. It Was The Desire Of The Protesters.

The Will Of The People. :

The Will Of The People. 5 Th Of March. Several State Security Intelligence (SSI) buildings were raided across Egypt by protesters, including the headquarters for Alexandria Governorate and the main national headquarters in Nasr City, Cairo. Protesters state they raided the buildings to secure documents they believed to show various crimes committed by the SSI against the people of Egypt during Mubarak's rule.

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