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The Diary of Anne Frank:

The Diary of Anne Frank By: Cassandra Stephens

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Title Table of Contents Main Character List Setting Plot Point of View Theme

Main Characters:

Main Characters Anne Frank: Anne Frank is the narrator and the writer of the diary. She is thirteen when she begins writing. Margot Frank: Anne's sister, Margot is three years older than Anne. Otto Frank: Anne's father also owns the firm they stay in when the do into hiding. Edith Frank: Anne’s mother. Peter Van Daan: Peter Van Daan is the fifteen-year-old son of the Van Daan family, the other family who is hiding with the Franks’. Petronella Van Daan: Mrs. Van Daan is one of the eight people hiding in the Secret Annex, also Peter’s mother. Hans Van Daan : Mr. Van Daan is Peter's father. Albert Dussel: Mr. Dussel shares Anne's room. He’s the last person that enters in the Secret Annexe last.


Setting Anne Frank's diary begins on Sunday, June 14, 1942, during World War II. Anne Frank and her is 13 years old at this time and her family are living in Amsterdam. The setting of the book takes place in her father’s firm in the attic, also know as The Secret Annexe. Amsterdam


Plot Conflict: man vs. society. Complication: is that the Franks’, Van Daans’, and Albert Dussel have to hide from the Nazi because they are Jews. Climax: the Nazi finds them Conclusion: everyone that was in the Secret Annexe dies besides the father Otto Frank. Anne Frank

Point of View:

Point of View Anne’s diary Kitty The point of view of “The Diary of Anne Frank ” is in first person. In this story Anne is the voice that tells the story though her diary that she names Kitty .


Theme The Diary of Anne Frank has a many themes people could interpret: Isolation: when Anne feel she has no one to talk to. Coming of Age: when Anne goes though the same thing every girl goes though. Warfare: she is going though the WWII and the Holocaust. Love: she love reading, writing, and also Religion: is a major part of this book. Everything happened because she was Jewish.

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