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Higher Level Extension:

Higher Level Extension 2. Changing Space – The Shrinking World Time–space convergence and the reduction in the friction of distance ‘The World is Shrinking’ Discuss… Include three causes of the 'shrinking world', three positive outcomes and three negative outcomes.

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What does the following diagram show?

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Watch The first programme in the BBC series 'James May's Twentieth Century' called ' Honey, I Shrunk The World ' This looks at developments in air and road travel as well as communications/Internet and is very good at covering the syllabus point on time-space convergence. Task – one student is to make notes and print them off for this programme Mathilde???

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Watch the series of YouTube videos on geographyalltheway

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Distance Decay Areas that are closer together are more likely to interact than those further away from each other However, the frictional effect of distance has been reduced due to improvements in transportation Also, advancements in ICT have brought places together almost instantaneously

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Types of Transport Tasks Using a blank piece of paper list all of the types of transport that you can think of Try and put them in a timeline Create 2 timelines for air & ocean transport (see geogalltheway for ideas) List the advantages and disadvantages of water v air Review – look at youtube video of The Shrinking World 1946 style on gatw

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Extension and Density of Networks Telephone Calls The map on the board found at shows the annual flow of intercontinental calls by fixed landline telephones (not mobiles) in 2010 Task Describe and give reasons for this pattern

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How does this map compare with the world internet map?

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The Role of ICT in Civil Society Tasks Log on to GATW and go to the ICT in Civil Society web page Work through all of the tasks and then brain storm as a group the answer to the question at the bottom of the page Read the article ‘Globalisation of services – Calling India’ and answer questions 1 & 2 at the bottom of the page.

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