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My Own Faith-Walk:

My Own Faith-Walk What shaped me, my life, and ultimately My Future F.A.I.T.H 2.0 – Making Sense of our Faith in the Digital World

Like any other child:

Like any other child I had a baptism I was born

Like any other child:

Like any other child I had a loving and caring mom I had a knowledgeable and wise dad

Like any other child:

Like any other child I grew up and entered my teen years

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I lived through my childhood as any child would do. I am living through my adolescence as any adolescence would do. But, after that day, I will be living the rest of my live unlike any other person in this world. An event that changed everything, made me farther from someone but closer to another.

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Knowing little of what would happened, I continued with my life, trying to enjoy most of it with the people around me

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But you can ’ t hide from reality, no one can, and so it came when there was nothing else to do but to do what was necessary. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer and he had to go back to Denmark for medication. 6 months, It was spend waiting and hoping for the best of him. Not knowing if it was curable or not.

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The announcement of my father ’ s return was overwhelming. Knowing he would come back, most likely cured from the illness, was nerve raking. The day ended and I was in tears when I saw him again. I couldn ’ t do anything but to run over and hug him. I thought everything was going to be ok now that he was home. I was wrong…

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Half a year later, In august 9, 2010, We had to make a decision to turn off his life-support system or keep it on. There, at that moment, there was absolutely no sound around me. The feeling of emptiness was all around you. That day, my first mentor and guider pass away. He was everything to me and now I have to go on without him.

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Now, continuing my life through high school, ending my first freshmen year, is now closer to God more than ever. Trying to make a stand in this big world I am placed on, I am making a image for myself and trying to enjoy my school years while making the best out of myself. What my father did to me was his greatest achievement to me and now it is time for me to put it to good use Jerik Mathew V. Lauridsen 1995 - Onwards

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