The walk that lets you walk on water


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The walk that lets you walk on water:

The walk that lets you walk on water My Own Faith-Walk By Justin Kien Cuenca 1-H

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It all started when I was baptized. The lord officially welcomed me. But I feel and think that I had a relationship even before that. Before I was even conceived, I was just but a small, insignificant sperm cell in the body of my father. When all sperms rushed to get to the egg cell of my mother, I was given the will and strength of God to get in and be born.

Introduction to god:

Introduction to god My Family, especially my Parents, introduced me to God. I may not remember it, but I know that my parents taught me about God even when I was a baby.

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Hardships and trials made me question and it tested my faith in God. There were many of them, including betrayals, painful sicknesses, or loneliness because of being alone. During those times, I kept asking ,“Why me? Did I do anything wrong?” or I kept thinking to myself, “God is unfair, giving me pain and hardships for no good reason.” In the end, I learned that there is always reason that God gives us these hardships and that the pain and hardship is temporary, God is eternal. So I overcame it and moved on…

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One of the most faith-destroying events in my life was the hard schoolworks I had to accomplish then and now. Sometimes they would become so hard that I would refuse to do them. In the end, they teach me not only school lessons, but God’s lessons to me.

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My family always are there to accompany and guide me. Over the years, it grew to friends, teachers and my church.

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I get my inspiration and strength from other people. When I see people who are suffering and still have faith in God, I say, “Why can’t I have a faith as deep as theirs, even though I have everything I need?”

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To strengthen my Faith and deepen my relationship with God, I want to experience more Parish Involvement.

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Another thing I want to do is to go to other faith-strengthening activities

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