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In lands around the globe

Slide 3:

along the sides of the valleys

Slide 4:

and the banks of deep, winding rivers

Slide 5:

Where the soil is Dark , rich and fertile

Slide 6:

There, where the days are warm

Slide 7:

and nights are cool

Slide 8:

Those are the places you can find

Slide 9:

The gift of the gods

Slide 10:

In those lands, tradition binds men and women to the soil

Slide 11:

to those delicate, precious vines

Slide 12:

that deliver vintage wines for many centuries

Slide 13:

Ancient healers knew

Slide 14:

Wine is good medicine.

Slide 15:

Thousands of years later

Slide 16:

modern science reinforced

Slide 17:

what the first doctors were sure of without clinical trials

Slide 18:

Now, we have the proof

Slide 19:

Grapes and their seeds

Slide 20:

skins and tannins

Slide 21:

that help fight are filled with antioxidants the cause of aging

Slide 22:

Truly grapes are divine

Slide 24:

now your clients can experience the luxurious healing power of

Slide 26:

The first complete vine therapy skin care products exclusively created for spas

Slide 27:

conceived and created by a medical doctor

Slide 28:

Developed to exceed standards of America’s most respected Estheticians

Slide 29:

Made from the purest ingredients

Slide 30:

Brimming with the best of what vine therapy delivers

Slide 31:

Antioxidants Therapeutic Soothing Stimulating Cleansing Effective Healing

Slide 32:

Make it a very good year

Slide 33:

A Make this year a vintage year d’vine year

Slide 34:

Wine is made to be shared

Slide 35:

and so is d’vine

Slide 36:

Enter our d’vine world

Slide 37:

Join us

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