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KPO “ Knowledge Process Outsourcing” By: Ashutosh Mishra Galgotias Business school:

KPO “ Knowledge P rocess O utsourcing” By: Ashutosh Mishra Galgotias Business school

What is a KPO?:

What is a KPO? T hey are firms that provide services based on specialised knowledge of a certain industry. The legal team of any company requires a lawyer to draft the papers for any deal or lawsuits. Similarly, scientific research needs a qualified scientist on board. Not all of these require highly experienced professionals to do the job, but 'domain knowledge' or knowledge about the concerned field is still a prerequisite. This knowledge is what KPOs offer.

a)Market research b)Consulting firms c)Investment banks d)Industry associations e)Media f)Publishing g)Database firms h)Financial services institutions i)Corporate planning:

a)Market research b)Consulting firms c)Investment banks d)Industry associations e)Media f)Publishing g)Database firms h)Financial services institutions i)Corporate planning Typical users of KPO services include

Departments of large Fortune 500 companies.:

Departments of large Fortune 500 companies. Several global players such as… McKinsey Goldman Sachs Reuters IMS Health Harris Interactive Deloitte Ipsos Maritz AC Nielsen, TN0S and the WPP group are already using India as a remote base.

Areas which are being associated with the KPO sector.:

Areas which are being associated with the KPO sector. • Research & Development • Financial Consultancy and Services • Advanced Web Applications • Business and Technical Analysis • Learning Solutions • Animation & Design • Business & Market Research • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology • Medical Services • Writing & Content Development • Legal Services • Intellectual Property (IP) Research • Data Analytics • Network Management • Training & Consultancy

Benefits of KPO:

Benefits of KPO S killed and trained manpower is accessible at very low cost as well. It, Outsourcing of activities to KPO companies can provide the following benefits: Valuable cost savings that can be utilized elsewhere. Trained professionals at work . Standard operational efficiency. Increase in profits. Savings in time and management energy for maintaining in house services . Option to recruit a larger work force without raising costs.

What KPO can deliver to you?:

What KPO can deliver to you ? KPO industry works in close coordination and association with the client and provides services that are predefined in terms of quality and standard of work. While working with a KPO firm, the outsourcing company can expect to get the following: • Good quality work. • Lower costs. • On time delivery of services. • Uninterrupted services. • Adaptability to changes in required quality .

Job profiles:

Job profiles KPOs mainly offer research and backend work. Unlike BPOs KPOs use their employees' expertise to carry out high-end processes like Valuation Research investment researches patent filing legal and insurance claims medical diagnoses and reports and many other profiles depending on the industry the KPO caters to.

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Typically, these industries include pharmaceuticals biotechnology companies data integration and management services financial services research and analytics technology research computer-aided simulation and engineering business research legal services financial analysis and management consulting cont'd.

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As a result, the KPO industry looks out for professionals like MBAs, lawyers, chartered accountants, postgraduates in the various sciences, biotechnologists, paralegal and paramedical specialists, doctors, engineers and a host of other professionals .

Are you eligible?:

Are you eligible? However , just academic skills are not enough. You need to possess soft skills too; they are as important as domain knowledge for such companies. 6 'soft' skills you need to success in kpo . Interpersonal skills Team spirit Social grace Business etiquette Negotiation skills Behavioural traits such as attitude, motivation and time management

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"Besides good English skills -- both written and spoken -- you also need the ability to apply your academic knowledge practically. The ability to structure data well and gain insight into it is also a requisite. " American English is different from British English. It's important to remember that while catering to US clients. Here, you are dealing with professionals. Knowledge of their language and mind set, as also the industry in that country, is important”. cont'd .

The KPO advantage:

The KPO advantage KPOs charge their international clients much more than BPOs. So, obviously, there is a vast difference in salaries. In addition, it is better than working for Indian companies; not only you get a better pay packet but also you are exposed to global best practices. Salaries are three to four times higher than BPO companies because the qualifications required are higher. "Against the starting salary of about Rs.15,000 for BPOs, KPOs pay you anything from Rs.30,000 onwards, depending on your experience and requisite skills.


cont'd. 'nine-to-five ' routine. This means that, unlike BPOs, you don't have to deal with night shifts and haywire body clocks. You will also get the benefits extended by multinationals to their employees. So you can expect a swanky office, a good canteen and recreational facilities.. The biggest advantage of working for a KPO is that it exposes you to the global industry and makes it easier for you to get a job abroad if you so desire.

Work culture:

Work culture The work culture in a KPO is much more serious than a BPO. "Many times, foreign delegations are visiting and it is important to look professional. It will be a suit and tie culture and you can't turn up in office in jeans the way you can in a BPO job .

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