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Storyboard Intro Logging in The main screen Tracking Vehicles Tires Installation pics Benefits

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Tire and Vehicle Monitoring Systems allow you to acquire fast, reliable data in real time. Increase tire and vehicle safety Reduce Downtime Maximize tire life User-Friendly Duratread Asset Management Systems WELCOME

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Customize your dashboard

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Tracking The function allows the operator to look at real time and historical information concerning all aspects monitored, and to see that information represented in :- Text detail of all data captured Geomap overlays Graphical format

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Graphical display

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Graphical display

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Graphical display

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Text detail of period requested v

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Empirical Detail of Tire Condition

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Test detail of Alert Events

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Alerts Alerts are based on parameters that can be specified by the operator for tire temperatures, pressures and vehicle speed, braking and position. The operator can see on a geomap overlay where alerts are generated, and “drill down” into the details to see the what caused it. Was it a tire related alert as a result of the use? Was it a vehicle use related alert that could in turn generate a tire related problem?

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Geomap display Route mapping of vehicle on geomap overlay

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Geomap display Positions at which notifications have been generated

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Geomap display Drill down feature to see why notification generated at that precise point

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Geofencing Based on a geomap overlay, enables operators to specify 1 or more areas that will alert when a vehicle enters or exits the area. Useful for Protecting assets Defining certain areas of the work area such as fueling stops, maintenance areas, tipping area.

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Creating a Zone

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Creating a Zone

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Creating a Zone

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Creating a Zone

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Vehicles The function allows the operator to add new vehicles, new vehicles type and schedule data request:- Add new vehicle Add new vehicle type

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Add a new vehicle

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Add a new vehicle type

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Tyres This module allows users to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX :- Tyres Specifications Tyre Position Tyre types

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Add a new a tyre and specifications

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Add a new a tyre to a vehicle

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Add a new a tyre type


Benefits benefits

Installation Gallery:

Installation Gallery

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For a live demonstration please contact us at: Duratread Tel. +507-265-3508 Email. Panama City, Panama

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