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Problem 1:

HVAC costs take up a large percentage of your electricity bill. Because of the warm Los Angeles climate, your HVAC system works excessively hard to cool your building. Energy is wasted because of over-usage of air conditioning and inefficient structural designs. Our main source of electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels. This is a large contributor to air pollution and global warming. Problem 1

How can we reduce and prevent excessive amounts of energy from being used by our air conditioning systems?:

How can we reduce and prevent excessive amounts of energy from being used by our air conditioning systems? Essential Question

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Albedo and Reflectivity

Slide 5:

An efficient roof is an essential part in having an effective and eco-friendly HVAC system. Project Reflect is an environmental help group devoted to implementing the usage of white roofs. We intend to convert roofs of buildings to raise awareness, better our community, and increase environmental sustainability. Mission Statement

10 Reasons:

10 Reasons

10 Reasons 1:

10 Reasons 1 More than 10% Reduction in HVAC Costs

10 Reasons 2:

10 Reasons 2 Create more jobs

10 Reasons 3:

10 Reasons 3 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (California) http://

10 Reasons 4:

10 Reasons 4 Low installation costs

10 Reasons 5:

10 Reasons 5 Environmentally Friendly

10 Reasons 6:

10 Reasons 6 Quality Roof Longevity, Reduced Maintenance and Replacement

10 Reasons 7:

10 Reasons 7 It’s Payback Time! We will calculate the payback time of your project. The data depends on your building characteristics.

10 Reasons 8:

10 Reasons 8 Cheaper than Normal Acrylic and Silicon Coatings $36.00/per gal. of reflective coating vs. $200.00/per gal. of normal coating

10 Reasons 9:

10 Reasons 9 Can also cool local temperatures Lower Urban Heat Island Effect

10 Reasons 10:

10 Reasons 10 10% more reflectivity on all U.S. roofs = 57 billion metric tonnes of CO 2 p revented from entering the atmosphere* *Equivalent to removing all cars of the road for 18 years

Slide 17:

= White Roof = Black Roof Time Temperature Results 5

Slide 18:

Our efforts have proved to be worth our time. We have joined forces with several building owners and managers to transform their roofs from old and inefficient to cool, durable and reflective. Our Success 5

Slide 19:

Notes: Small car body , repair and mechanics shop in Sherman Oaks, California with working HVAC systems. Koester Automotive

Z Gallerie Warehouses:

Z Gallerie Warehouses Square Footage: 221,319 ft 2 or 2,213 squares (two warehouses combined) Roof Condition: Poor Energy Savings: 38,106kW/year (105kW/day) Money Savings: $3311.00/year Notes: Large Furniture/Home Décor Warehouses in Los Angeles, California. Flat roof with multiple HVAC systems, and large energy usage.

Naper 1 Plaza Station:

Naper 1 Plaza Station Notes: Mid-Sized Multiple Tennant Shopping Center with 2 joined roofs.

Wildwood School:

Wildwood School Square Footage: Approx. 65,000 ft 2 Monthly Savings: $600/month minimum Monthly Energy Cutback: 4.3kW/month reduction Notes: Indoor School Building with partially sloped roof in Los Angeles, CA.

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