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Definition Communication originates from Latin word communicare which means create similarity.


Goals? Communication takes place to achieve goals Individual Group SMART

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It involves……:

It involves…… Communication involves a sender, a message, the receiver , medium and feedback The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the sender.

In order to communicate…..:

In order to communicate….. Knowledge Skills Positive attitude / confidence

Tips…. building confidence:

Tips…. building confidence

Realize you're worth It :

Realize you're worth It You need to realize that you are worth it.

Recognize your SWOT.:

Recognize your SWOT . SO -- Identify and use it WT -- Identify and take charge


Acceptance Learn to accept yourself, your past, your circumstances as they are, without necessarily thinking of them as "bad".

Build on your successes:

Build on your successes Reflect Recollect Recall Success breds success. Give yourself credit for your successes.

Be Thankful:

Be Thankful Thankful for who you are and what you have. Acknowledge and appreciate what you do have, you can combat the feelings of being incomplete and unsatisfied.

Be realistic:

Be realistic It is very importance. Be sure of what you’re doing.

Be Positive:

Be Positive Even if you don't feel the same way. Avoid self-pity Do not be afraid to project your strengths and qualities to others Don't exaggerate, try to speak about yourself in neutral perspective.

Accept compliments :

Accept compliments Accept it gracefully Take it to heart and respond positively Thank You and smile is the best way to respond (“,)

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Confidence is subjective

Dress well and Groom yourself :

Dress well and Groom yourself

SMILE (^__^) Look in the mirror and smile. SENYUM 3 :

SMILE (^__^) Look in the mirror and smile. SENYUM 3

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Appropriate body gesture and maintain eye contact.

Stick to your principles:

Stick to your principles Be firm with what you believe. Identify your values and strengthen it. Speak up !! Is the way to kills fear

Help others:

Help others Share knowledge with others. When you know you're kind to the people around you, and are making a positive difference in other people's lives you'll know that you are a positive force in the world--which will boost your self confidence

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Just BE YOURSELF!!! Most people become insecure when they begin paying too much attention towards the reactions of people around them

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