Types of retail location

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Types of retail location:

Types of retail location Free standing location Unplanned business district Planned shopping centre

Free standing location:

Free standing location Neighborhood stores Convenience products Away from major markets Inside neighborhood Less competition, low rent, easy parking, better visibility. Difficulty in attracting customer

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Highway stores Attract customer passing highways - Fast food restaurant, dhaba

Unplanned business districts:

Unplanned business districts Downtown or central business district A hub of retailing activity Draws customer from across city and suburbs Metro CBDs attract customers outside city Connaught place in Delhi, commercial street in Bangalore serve as upmarket for upper and upper middle class customer.

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Chandni chowk in delhi , chick in Bangalore and new market in calcutta serve middle and lower middle class customers.

Secondary business districts:

Secondary business districts Unplanned cluster of stores located on a major intersection of cities. Attract customers from many parts of cities. Dadar in Mumbai, Karol bag in Delhi.

Neighborhood business districts:

Neighborhood business districts Cluster and serve neighborhood trading area. Colonies

Suburban Business Districts:

Suburban Business Districts Stores located in town’s periphery. Rely on traffic of downtown. Growing market in Gurgaon and Noida .

Planned Shopping Centres:

Planned Shopping Centres Architecturally designed with parking facilities designed and operated as a unit. Connaught place was initially designed as planned, but subsequently in Chandigarh various sector markets are planned.

Regional Shopping Centre or Malls:

Regional Shopping Centre or Malls Largest planned shopping centres . Major departmental stores, large trading area, high rent . Cross roads-Mumbai, Spenser plaza-Chennai, metropolitan mall- Gurgaon .

Neighborhood/Community Shopping Centres:

Neighborhood/Community Shopping Centres Usually have a balance mix of stores, grocery, chemist, variety store, few other stores combinedly. Sector market complex in Chandigarh.

Specialized market:

Specialized market Specialized market for a particular product category. Ahmadabad for plastic material Ludhiana for machinery. Godown street in Chennai for clothes.

Periodic market:

Periodic market Peculiar market Meet at particular places on a particular day in a week. Retailers move from place to place. Limited credit transaction. Low overhead Hats, Som bazar .

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