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Your CRM consulting Partner CRM implementation - A Six sigma way

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Agenda What is CRM? CRM Matrix CRM and Six sigma Profit margin calculation for Six sigma and CRM implementation Some statistical facts for CRM implementation CRM integrates all customer interactions at one platform Benefits of CRM Critical success factors About SugarCRM SugarCRM feature matrix What Penguinians do? Our offerings

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CRM is a focused approach to customer-related processes. Gartner Says: CRM is a business strategy that leverages specific technology, business processes, and a customer-focused culture and management philosophy to attract and retain profitable customers. Reality: Companies today have always focused on their customers. Companies today are addressing some of their customer-related activities, but may want to address more What is CRM?

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Interaction Management Marketing Sales Customer Service Legacy Integration Customer/Account Data Analytics Potential CRM Scope A COMMON GOAL: 360° Customer View CRM matrix

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CRM and Six Sigma Customers never think as organizations do: Customers experience the variance in each and every transaction or purchase Customers value consistent and predictable business processes and high-quality products A perfect Six Sigma centered CRM implementation approach: focuses first on reducing variation, and then on improving process capability. improves understanding of customer behavior, allowing you to acquire new customers and build customer loyalty. CRM practicing companies have deeper, more precise data analysis and proven Six Sigma methods to understand the factors that drive customer satisfaction and profitable relationships.

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CRM supports the Six Sigma methodology DMAIC in the following ways: Define - business objectives, metrics, and product and process maps based on industry-defined CRM metrics and process library. Measure - quantify and Analyze defined output metrics leveraging prebuilt, drill-down voice-of-the-customer analytics. Improve - Control, and standardize processes through automation, digitization, and use of best practices embedded in the business applications. CRM and Six Sigma…..

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Five step approach can be helpful to deal with a structured CRM implementation approach: defining objectives identifying core processes defining key, high-impact problems Planning the profitable execution Executing and realizing the CRM benefits . CRM and Six Sigma…..

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Profit margin calculation for Six sigma and CRM implementation Industry benchmarks for Industrial Manufacturing indicate sales, general and administrative expenses of 17 percent. Assuming There indeed is 50 percent waste in customer-facing processes, 25 percent of this waste can be eliminated through improvements, Then application of Six Sigma methodologies and CRM would result in An approximate 2.15 percent cost savings . Considering that average operating margins for the industry hover around 9.4 percent this cost savings would represent a 30 percent increase in profit margin as a direct result of applying Six Sigma and CRM to customer-facing processes.

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Some statistical facts for CRM implementation Revenue increases of 41% Decreased sales cycle times of 24% Lead conversions of 300% Decreased sales and marketing costs of 23% Improved profit margins of 2% Customer retention improvements of 27%

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CRM Integrates all customer interactions at one platform Pre-sales Automation Sales Automation Post sales automation 1 2 Lead management Contact, Account, opportunity management Sales pipeline management Sales team management Activity, meetings and call management Calendar management Drill down sales dashboards and many more…… Online Marketing Campaign management Bulk email management Campaign ROI calculator Newsletter management Personalize bulk mails Multiple account management Customer support automation Ticketing system Case/bug management Customer profiling Knowledge base Cross/up selling opportunity management and many more……. 3

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Benefits of CRM Increased Revenue Improve Customer Retention Attract New Customers Up Sell – Cross Sell Decreased Costs Automate Tasks Improve Campaign Efficiency Improve Forecast Accuracy and Timeliness Intangibles Increase Customer Satisfaction Improve Product and Pricing Models Increase Knowledge Retention and implementation Differentiate yourself in the Marketplace Increase your Understanding of your Customers

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Critical success factors Culture Shift (Product Centric  Customer Centric ) Business Process Change (More Important than Technology Change) CEO Involvement (Executive Commitment) Performance Metrics (Determine Metrics / Establish Baseline) Software and Legacy System Integration (Avoid Data Pockets) Data Integrity (Common Across the Enterprise) Risk Management (Mitigate Regulatory Risk) Security Management (Control the Data you Collect)

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About SugarCRM SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. SugarCRM is an open source CRM Solution that is fast, flexible, feature-rich and on top of everything, an affordable product. It comes in Different flavors: SugarCRM Community edition (no license, Just initial configuration and desired customization is required SugarCRM Professional (license based) SugarCRM enterprise (license based) Commercially used by more than 50,000 companies across the world

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Core features of SugarCRM Community edition Enhanced features with additional modules Advanced features with additional modules Campaign Lead Contact Account Opportunity Campaign Activity Calendar Dashboards Cases Emails Role management These are the existing features of Community edition SugarCRM Forecast Reports Invoices Sales order Product Quote These are the available features with commercial version and could be easily added with community version of SugarCRM Workflows Ad-hoc report Hierarchy management Escalation management Auto assignment Asterisk integration Integration with other applications SMS integration Integration with BI tool Other custom development Territory management These are the specific features which can be added or developed whenever asked for SugarCRM feature matrix Team management

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What Penguinians do? Educating companies about Customer Relationship Management best practices Business process blueprinting and suggesting the best suitable CRM application Providing end to end SugarCRM implementation services Web based custom CRM development SugarCRM integration with various other legacy applications like Websites, ERP, etc. Users and Admin training services for SugarCRM

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Our offerings CRM Related offerings and CRM integrations SugarCRM customization Hosted SugarCRM Hosted email Marketing software Lead management software Sales force automation Customer support software Ticketing system Custom made CRM applications CRM for call centers SugarCRM integration <> Asterisk SugarCRM integration <> portals SugarCRM integration <> ERP applications SugarCRM integration through web services CMS (Joomla, Drupal, wordpress ) and integrations CRM product development and integration with POS Open source Business intelligence tools customization and integrations

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Your CRM consulting partner PenguinCRM Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, India, Ph. no. +91 40 6524 1102 +91 40 6602 8556 Email: Find us for more

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