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Rocket Poppeteers :

Rocket Poppeteers CONFIDENTIA l DOCUMENTation For Poppeteer eyes ONLY! All materials enclosed are property of the U.S. Government. Anyone seen in possession of these documents without the express permission of an official Rocket Poppeteer Fleet authority will be in direct violation of RP Code 09191962 and is subject to penal code 31111 of the RP charter. The following contents were compiled 03/07/11 SONIC STRENGTH FLEET RECON REPORT -Stamina & Courage-

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RP Astronaut I.D. Verification Information: I Rebel Leader hereby swear this documentation to be true and credible.

Groom Lake:

Groom Lake RECON Surveillance 03/07/11 Powered by Google Earth Satellite Images Area-51 Facility Alamo Nevada SSF Stamp of Approval

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Area-51 primary runway in distance High-security clearance access road

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Center of facility at Groom Lake Center of facility at GL (at distance) Infamous triangular tower w/satellites

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Three medium/large warehouses Extent of warehouse n etwork -extensive-

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Red-checkered water tower supplies Groom Lake facility . Typical satellite dish. These are found everywhere at the GL facility.

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