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Solution Board™ :

Solution Board™

Welcome to Solution Board Training 101:

Welcome to Solution Board Training 101 Solution Board™

The Facts::

The Facts: Features Works with existing programs Create handwritten notes digitally Shared Meeting software included Use a standard marker or capture notes electronically with Capture Pack. Complete Teaching Gallery included Projection friendly low gloss surface Benefits Seamless integration of existing presentations, lesson plans, other documents, or software Save, print or e-mail right from the board Save on travel costs – host a collaborative meeting One board – multiple uses saves money, lowers cost of ownership NO License fees for the software Upgrades are FREE Solution Board™

The Components:

The Components Standard Claridge Marker Board Porcelain on Steel Surface Anodize Finish – Aluminum Trim Marker Tray with Stylus docking station and USB Connectivity Sizes - 3 X 4, 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 50 year Warranty on the writing surface GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified Solution Board Interactive Digital Components Interactive Module embedded in trim Easy–to-Use Push Button Technology - scrapbook management, print, e-mail, record, board calibration Stylus Doubles as electronic marker and “mouse” Runs on one AAA Battery USB or Bluetooth Wireless Solution Board™

Standard Configuration:

Standard Configuration Points of Interest: Marker board functions as a projection, interactive, capture and standard white board/magnetic surface. Any digital projector will work. Short throw or ceiling mounted provide best results. 3. Board is powered by computer using USB cable or Bluetooth wireless Solution Board™

Interactive Module:

Interactive Module Add Blank Page to Scrapbook Add Duplicate Page to Scrapbook Print Scrapbook Content E-Mail Scrapbook Content Record all Marker Board Activity Calibrate Projection Area Solution Board™

Slide 7:

Stylus Left Click Right Click Control Tool Palette Navigate around Desktop One AAA Battery Solution Board™

Let’s Get Started :

Let’s Get Started Solution Board™

Installation Steps:

Installation Steps Install board according to provided instructions If Interactive Module is not installed, snap into housing Download software or go to for latest Version…and register Solution Module Plug USB cord in to board (under marker tray, left side) and… connect to computer Insert AAA Battery in Stylus It’s that easy! Solution Board™

Slide 10:

The Solution Board is now ready for Calibration Solution Board™

Slide 11:

Launch Interact Software from desktop THEN Press the Calibrate button on the Interactive Module Solution Board™


Starting in the upper left-hand corner, use the interactive stylus to tap in the center of each of the red targets as they appear . Calibration Solution Board™

Desktop Tool Palette will appear after Calibration:

Desktop Tool Palette will appear after Calibration Desktop Annotation Start PowerPoint Presentation Onscreen Keyboard Interact Options Screen Capture / Record Open Scrapbook Calibrate Projection Area Mouse Mode Solution Board™

Scrapbook Tool Palette Sub-Menu:

Scrapbook Tool Palette Sub-Menu Customize the Scrapbook Tool Palette with tools most used Solution Board™

Starting a Presentation:

Starting a Presentation Open Scrapbook by double clicking on the Scrapbook Icon Solution Board™

Slide 16:

With Scrapbook open, import documents from computer or web, or drag and drop contents from Gallery on to the Scrapbook page to bring presentations to life. Solution Board™

Slide 17:

File Importing - Go to File – Import/Merge – Select document to import Images PowerPoint Presentations Word Documents Excel Documents Solution Board™

Slide 18:

Scrapbook Tool Palette Pen Text Box / Shapes Tool Onscreen Keyboard Eraser Screen Capture / Record / New Page Zoom Highlighter Pointer / Shared Meeting Pointer Solution Board™

Customizable Colors:

Customizable Colors Double-click a color on the tool palette and replace it with any color from the Windows color palette. Solution Board™

Shapes Tool:

Select shape, color, and line thickness. Shapes Tool Solution Board™

Eraser Tool:

There are a vast number of tools in Scrapbook for editing slides or annotated presentations – eraser mode, erase page, undo/redo and delete page Eraser Tool Erasing with Stylus in Scrapbook Scrapbook Tools Palette with Eraser Tool Selected Solution Board™

Capture full screens or selected objects by using Snapshot:

Capture full screens or selected objects by using Snapshot Solution Board™

Taking Screen Shots:

Taking Screen Shots Select a portion of screen… Object is automatically imported into Scrapbook as an image object Solution Board™

Slide 24:

Record presentation by selecting Record Palette Solution Board™

Recorder Palette with Audio:

Choose which part of the screen to record - Entire desktop, portion of the desktop, or single window. Recorder Palette with Audio Record Window Record Area Record Desktop Recorder Palette Recorder Palette with Sub Menu showing Record Functions Solution Board™

Recorder with Audio:

Recorder with Audio Use the Record Options menu to setup recording Solution Board™


Spotlight OR right-click on any tool palette Click Here Spotlight Solution Board™


Click and drag anywhere outside lighted area to move the spotlight . Spotlight Spotlight Options Spotlight in action Solution Board™


Spotlight Cover Sheet Click Here Solution Board™

Cover Sheet:

Reveal information slowly and deliberately. Keep everyone’s attention focused on the presentation Cover Sheet Solution Board™

Slide 31:

Saving Work File Formats Available: eBeam Scrapbook File PDF File Vector PDF File Bitmap JPEG TIFF Metafile PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Show Solution Board™

Shared Meeting Feature:

Shared Meeting Feature Solution Board™


Spotlight Shared Meeting Click Here Solution Board™

Share Meeting:

Share Meeting Host Requirements: eBeam hardware eBeam software (available free from ) Internet connection Solution Board™


Spotlight Join Meeting Click Here Solution Board™

Join Meeting:

Join Meeting Participant Requirements: eBeam software (available free from ) Internet connection Solution Board™

Meeting Functions:

Meeting Functions All participants allowed to annotate No participants allowed to annotate Some participants allowed to annotate Solution Board™

Digital Ready Board:

Digital Ready Board Solution Board™

Simple Upgrade Process:

Simple Upgrade Process Solution Board™

Digital Ready Features:

High quality porcelain marker board Can be upgraded to Solution Interactive Board Helps meet budget requirements Allows for planned growth Interactive Modules are interchangeable with other Digital Ready boards Digital Ready Features Solution Board™

Digital Ready Benefits:

Digital Ready Benefits Lowers total whiteboard investment cost Simplifies installation Standardizes and simplifies planning process Meets long and short term information capture need Solution Board™

Slide 42:

Accessories Solution Board™

Capture Pack:

Capture Pack No Projector Needed Capture, save and share everything written on the Solution Board by utilizing the Capture software and Digital Pen Sleeves Great for Impromptu Meetings or Brain Storming Sessions No more Flip Charts! Solution Board™

Inscribe Wireless Tablet:

Inscribe Wireless Tablet Solution Board™


Features Interactive Stylus Tablet Stylus Tablet Shortcut Tools With Inscribe Wireless Tablet: Special shortcut strip for one-click access to the most popular Scrapbook tools. Dual-input feature allows two people to operate Solution Board at one time. Simultaneous mouse functionality Solution Board™


Benefits The Inscribe Wireless Tablet… Easy to use Wireless Mouse Promotes interaction between presenters and audience, teachers and students. Solution Board™

Focus Document Camera:

Focus Document Camera Solution Board™

Features & Benefits:

Features & Benefits With Focus Document Camera: Import 2-D and 3-D images into Scrapbook as objects or backgrounds. Add and Store Images in the Scrapbook Gallery for repeated use. Utilize computer’s plug and play USB 2.0 connection – no additional power needed, no drivers to download. Capture content accurately even in low-light settings! Share Images over the web with the Share Meeting feature. Solution Board™

Flickr is Included in the Software:

Flickr is Included in the Software Solution Board™

ENCYCLOPEDIA Britannica is available :

ENCYCLOPEDIA Britannica is available Solution Board™


Congratulations! With Claridge’s Solution Interactive Board, experience a whole new way to teach or host a meeting Solution Board™

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