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Team Harris- In the game for kids!:

Team Harris- In the game for kids! STaR Chart Progress

STaR Chart Agenda:

STaR Chart Agenda What is a STaR Chart? Data Teaching and Learning Education Preparation and Development Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support Infrastructure for Technology Strengths and Weaknesses Recommendations Questions Bibliography

What is the STaR Chart?:

What is the STaR Chart? The Texas Teacher STaR Charts is an assessment tool developed around the four key areas of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology: Teaching and Learning Educator Preparation and Development Leadership Administration and Instructional Support Infrastructure for Technology The Teacher STaR Chart is designed to help teachers, campuses, and districts determine their progress toward meeting the goals of the Long-Range Plan for Technology, as well as meeting the goals of the district. The Texas Teacher STaR Chart can assist in the measurement of the impact of state and local efforts to improve student learning through the use of technology as specified in No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D. It can also identify needs for on-going professional development and raise awareness of research-based instructional goals.

2009-2010 STaR Chart Summary CJ Harris Elementary:

2009-2010 STaR Chart Summary CJ Harris Elementary Each key area is broken down into subgroups in which they are given classifications. Each area can be classified as: Early Tech Developing Tech Advanced Tech Target Tech Click the Link below to see the 2009-2010 STaR Chart Summary Report . http://starchart2.esc12.net/campusreport.aspx?id=c25d749d-3872-4e64-8479-ca1040f49cdd&foryear=20092010

Strengths and Weaknesses :

Strengths and Weaknesses Strength – Infrastructure for Technology. Weaknesses Teaching & Learning Educator Preparation & Development


Recommendations These are a few recommendations from the Long-Range Plan for Technology in the areas of Teaching & Learning and Educator Preparation & Development for local education agencies. Teaching & Learning Support the use of technology to promote student-centered learning across geographic and cultural boundaries that includes business and industry. Support teachers in developing classroom websites and online resources to share lessons, monitor student progress, and establish regular communications with parents and students. Educator Preparation & Development Provide instructional coaches and mentors to support classroom efforts in using technology to improve learning in core curriculum areas.


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Bibliography Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. (2006). Austin, TX: Texas Education Agency. Texas STaR chart: School technology and readiness : C J Harris . (2006). Austin, TX: Texas Education Agency.

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