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BLUE EYES TECHNOLOGY Prepared By :- Prateek Gupta 07/CS/063

What is BLUE EYES Technology?:

What is BLUE EYES Technology? Aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory abilities like those of human beings. Use camera and microphone to identify user actions and emotions.

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Blue Eye stands for…..

What can we do with BLUE EYES Technology?????:

What can we do with BLUE EYES Technology????? Ability to gather information about you and interact with you through special techniques like facial recognition, speech recognition, etc. Understand your emotions at the touch of the mouse. Verify your identity, feel your presence, and start interacting with you. The machine can understand what a user wants, where he is looking at, and even realize his physical or emotional states.

System Designing:

System Designing Two major units : DAU (Data Acquisition Unit ) CSU (Central System Unit )

System overview:

System overview Central System Unit Data Acquisition Unit Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multisensor Connection Manager Data Analysis Visualization Module Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth technology provides means for creating a Network linking the operators and the central system. Data Logger

DAU - Features:

DAU - Features Lightweight Runs on batteries - low power consumption Easy to use ID cards for operator authorization Data Acquisition Unit Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multisensor Bluetooth

CSU – Components:

CSU – Components CONNECTION MANAGER – main task to perform low-level blue tooth communication DATA ANALYSIS MODULE – performs the analysis of the raw sensor data in order to obtain information about operator’s physiological condition DATA LOGGER MODULE – provides support for storing the monitored data. VISULAIZATION MODULE – provides user interface for the supervisors

CSU - Features:

CSU - Features Central System Unit Connection Manager Data Analysis Visualization Module Bluetooth Maintains Bluetooth connections Data processing Records conclusion for further exploration Provides visualization interface Connection Manager Data Logger

How can we make computers “see” and “feel” ?:

How can we make computers “see” and “feel” ? Blue eyes uses sensing technology to identify a user’s actions and to extract key information. Information is then analyzed to determine the user’s physical, emotional, or informational state.

Technologies Used:

Technologies Used Emotion Mouse Manual And Gaze Input Cascaded (MAGIC) Simple User Interest Tracker (SUITOR) Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition

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How deaf and dump computer can sense our emotions????????

Emotional Computing Device:

Emotional Computing Device Emotion mouse sense the mood by analysing pressure , temperature and heart beat of the user. Analysing these parameters six types of mood can be sensed by computer. Emotion Mouse



How it works??????:

How it works?????? Like humans have five sense organs, emotion mouse is designed with five sensors to sense the different moods of user.

Different moods of user:

Different moods of user Happy Sad Surprise Anger Disgust

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Webcam is used to quickly determine the glints and pupils of the user under variable and realistic lightning conditions. MAGIC………

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MAGIC pointing is the technique of tracking eye movement of the user and perform the desired operation.

Image of pupil of user’s eye is tracked using an infrared light source :

Image of pupil of user’s eye is tracked using an infrared light source




SUITOR BLUE EYE enabled SUITOR becomes active when the user makes an eye contact and automatically detect users area of interest and start searching it. Help by fetching more information at desktop. Notice where the user’s eyes focus on the screen. For ex: If reading headline ,pops up the story in the browser window.

Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition:

Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition Input words are scanned and matched against internally stored words. Identification causes some action to be taken. User speaks to the computer through microphone. Pattern matching is designed to look for the best fit because of variations in loudness, pitch, frequency difference, time gap etc.

Applications of Speech Recognition :

Applications of Speech Recognition To control weapons by voice commands. Pilot give commands to computers by speaking through microphones. For making airline and hotel reservations. For making reservations, canceling reservations or making enquiries. Can be connected to word processors and instead of writing, simply dictate to them.

Blue Eyes Enabled Devices:

Blue Eyes Enabled Devices POD Technology used in cars PONG A Robot

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Emotional I pod Smart Phone……


FUTURE APPLICATIONS BLUE EYES technology can be used : In automobile industry In video games To create “Face Responsive Display”. For eg: A blue eyes enabled TV set would become active when we look in its directions.Voice commands could then tune your favourite channel and adjust the volume.


CONCLUSION In the future, ordinary household devices -- such as televisions, refrigerators, and ovens -- may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them. Provide more delicate and user friendly facilities in computing devices. The computers can be run using implicit commands instead of the explicit commands.

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