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The Medical Field :

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Sports Physician :

Sports Physician Average Wage: 80,000-175,000 Length of training :8-11 years Cost of training: 15,000-20,000 (per year at Universities) Schools for training: Cal State University of Long Beach Cal State University of San Bernardino University of Southern California Working Conditions: At first this career is indoors in a hospital facility. After your done training and practice you move to outdoor facilities on sporting event sidelines. The outlook for this career is the same for both the U.S and specifically California, the demand for Sports Medicine is predicted to grow at an average pace of the next ten years. Travel: Most likely traveling with Teams.

Personal Information:

Personal Information Personally, I’ve always enjoyed playing and watching sports so being able to continue with it throughout my career would be a success. I feel like I’d have the skills to acquire a degree in Sports Medicine with the right schooling and dedication. Yes, the training required is consistent with my future plans. The salary and working conditions do support the life style I want due to traveling and being involved in sports.

Registered Nurse:

Registered Nurse Average Wage: ~90,000 Length of training: 6 years Cost of training: CC cost $3,000 to 5,000 per year, while a private 4-year college can cost more than $20,000 per year. Schools: Cal State Long Beach & UCLA Working Conditions: indoor places like hospitals and private homes. Must have good people skills and connect with patients. Must be able to work with blood, urine, fecal matter, needles, ect. Job outlook for registered nurses are expected to be excellent but may vary by employment and geographic setting.

Personal Information:

Personal Information This information applies to me because it is a career I plan on pursuing when I attend college. It has always been my goal to do something that makes people feel better so the first profession that came into mind was a nurse. I feel like I have the skills needed because I am determined to get all my credentials, I am a people person, and I also try to look out for a persons best interest. It is a well paying and well respected job that will support my kind of lifestyle in the future.


Firefighter/Paramedic Average Wage: 65,000 Length of training: Approx. 1-2 years Schools for training: Can be completed at a fire College, a technical college, or community college. Certain qualities: Must be 18 or older, physically in shape, high school graduate, pass drug tests, and written exams. Working Conditions: Fire science using fire apparatus such as fire hoses, hydrants, climb ladders and put out fires. Training is grueling, hot and dirty work. Firefighters also respond to 911 medical emergency calls as well. Paramedics use several different complex medical equipment. An outlook for this occupation is projected to grow faster then the average for all occupations through the year 2014.

Ultrasound Technician:

Ultrasound Technician Average Wage: 40,000-80,000 Length of training: Approx. 2 years Schools for training: Devry University Arizona State University Los Angeles College Working Conditions: indoor operation, working with pregnant mothers and machines that use sounds to create images called sonograms. There will always be demand for Ultrasound techs in California.

Personal Information:

Personal Information I feel I don't have the skills needed for this career because I have not taken the possible training requirements that are needed for Ultrasound Technician. The education and training does not have anything to do with my future because I am leaning towards engineering. I believe $40,000 a year will bee enough for me to live an average life, however, being an average or veteran Ultrasound Technician means making about 60-85,000 a year, which is more than enough to live a healthy life.

Pharmacist :

Pharmacist Average Wage: Approx. 120,000 Length of training: 4-6 years Cost of Training: 20,000 Schools: Auburn University (AL) USC (CA) School of Pharmacy (CA) CNSCP (CA) Working Conditions: Indoor Job, working with people, little traveling, and computer usage. Outlook: By 2018, much more Pharmacist will be needed.

Personal Information:

Personal Information Yes, I do believe I have part of the skills needed to become a Pharmacist, and could learn the rest. The training required is consistent with my future plans and can take from 4-6 years. The salary and working conditions would basically support any lifestyle I would want.

Non-monetary Incentives:

Non-monetary Incentives Some Non-monetary Incentives within The Medical Field is that we all saves lives in some way. Firefighters save lives everyday by rescuing people in fires. Nurses help patients get through their toughest times by assisting them. Sports Physicians help athletes save their career by giving them the right type of therapy they need to survive. Pharmacist gives the right medication to patients to survive. Ultrasound Technicians gives mothers the opportunity to see how their baby is doing within their womb.

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