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Hairstyles 1930s-1960s

The 1930s:

Amelia Earhart becomes well-known for her accomplishments in flight U.S. officially gets National Anthem Scientists split the Atom Prohibition ends Roosevelt launches New Deal The cheeseburger is created Social Security is enacted Hoover Dam completed Golden Gate Bridge opens Great Plains are devestated by the Dust Bowl Airmail service across atlantic begins Nuclear fission is discovered Swing music grows in popularity Empire State Building is completed Height of Art Deco Movement Nylon Stockings made Snow White & the Seven Dwarves is released Japan invades Manchuria Bonus army marches on DC Japan & Germany withdrawl from league Life magazine begins Hindenburg disaster Germany invades Poland Depression sweeps world-wide Al Capone jailed Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany First televised baseball game The 1930s Pluto is discovered

While all these things were occurring in the 1930s, in the fashion world, new hairstyles were on the rise.:

While all these things were occurring in the 1930s, in the fashion world, new hairstyles were on the rise.

Hairstyles in the 1930s:

Hairstyles in the 1930s

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In the 1930s women began to grow tired of looking boyish and started to wear tailored dresses and show off their figures in a more elegant way. Along with the “soft” look came the hairstyle of Finger Waves

Finger Waves:

Finger Waves A wavy hairstyle made by: Wetting the hair & combing it flat Making sharp ridges at intervals over the head Stretching the hair between the ridges Covering with a net & drying under the electric dryer .

A Hair Salon in the 1930s:

A Hair Salon in the 1930s

The 1940s:

Churchill becomes prime minister of Great Britain World’s 1 st helicopter takes flight Attack on Pearl Harbor Joe DiMaggio hits safely in 56 consecutive games Holocaust Begins Disney releases Bambi Penicillin goes into common use Truman becomes president after death of Roosevelt Atomic bombs are dropped on Japan Long-playing record invented Jeep is invented Mount Rushmore completed Ball-point pens go on sale Microwave oven invented Hitler commits suicide The 1940s

Hairstyles in the 1940s:

Hairstyles in the 1940s

Layers & Waves:

Layers & Waves In the 1940s hairstyles, layers were a must. Layers included curls or perms. Women also wore their hair in classic waves and a side part. Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle to the right is known as the “Middy Haircut” having many layers and waves.

The Chignon:

The Chignon One of the most popular hairstyles of the time This style required one to pin the hair into a knot at the base of the neck.

Pin Curls & Ringlet Curls:

Pin Curls & Ringlet Curls These are amongst the most basic type of curls and are made in order to frame the shape of the face to create a feminine look. Pin curls are obtained by pinning pieces of hair around the head in order to create curls.

Men’s Hairstyles – 1940s:

Men’s Hairstyles – 1940s In the 1940s, Do Rags started to become popular. In these styles, a piece of cloth is worn to hold hair in place. Women also wore Do Rags 

The 1950s:

Credit card system introduced in America Eisenhower becomes president Alaska & Hawaii become the 49 th & 50 th states Rosa parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus 1 st organ transplant Color TV introduced Car seat belts introduced DNA is discovered Segregation ruled illegal in US Disneyland opens Mc Donald’s corporation is founded Dr. Seuss publishes The Cat in the Hat Satellite, Sputnik launches space age The 1950s

Hairstyles in the 1950s:

Hairstyles in the 1950s

Women’s Hairstyles 1950s:

Women’s Hairstyles 1950s The 1950s were still all about soft & curly. No one wanted long or straight hair just because it wasn’t in style. Many women looked up to Lucille Ball as a fashion idol.

Styles for Men:

Styles for Men 50s hairstyles for men included the D.A. or the Ducktail. To obtain this look, men would comb the hair on the sides back & grease it.

Slide 18:

Sideburns also became extremely popular because at the time, Elvis was a HUGE idol.

The 1960s:

President Kennedy inaugurated – 1 st heart transplant Peace Corps founded – First Super Bowl First American in space – Cuban Missile Crisis The Beatles become popular in America Kennedy is assassinated – Sesame Street airs Martin Luther King Junior is assassinated Neil Armstrong becomes 1 st man to land on the moon Lasers are invented – US sends troops to Vietnam Berlin Wall is built – Precursor of internet is created Marilyn Monroe found dead GI Joe action figure is launched Malcolm X is assassinated Star Trek TV series premiers The 1960s

Hairstyles in the 1960s:

Hairstyles in the 1960s

Early 1960s:

Early 1960s The early 1960s saw flips, bouffants, & beehives. Bouffant Style

Late 1960s:

Late 1960s Towards the late 1960s, straight hair came into style with the help of the flat iron. People also began to pick hairstyles that would look the best on them whether it be curly, frizzy, straight, or wavy.

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