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PANCREATIC CANCER: Know The Facts, Know The Faces Spring 2011 Created by Michelle Block

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PANCREATIC CANCER is the 4th leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Know The Facts

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PANCREATIC CANCER is the only one of the top 10 cancer killers that still has a 5 year survival rate in the single digits. Know The Facts

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1 in 71 men and women will be diagnosed with PANCREATIC CANCER during their lifetime. Know The Facts

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There are currently no detection tools for early diagnosis of PANCREATIC CANCER. Know The Facts

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52% of PANCREATIC CANCER patients are diagnosed after the disease has already spread to other organs. Know The Facts

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Treatment options for PANCREATIC CANCER are very limited. Know The Facts

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Surgical removal of the tumor is possible in only approximately 15% of patients. Know The Facts

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The prognosis is poor, with only 6% of those diagnosed still alive 5 years after diagnosis. Complete remission is still rare. Know The Facts

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75% of patients die within the first year of diagnosis. Know The Facts

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Some risk factors for PANCREATIC CANCER include: Smoking Obesity Diabetes Family History Know The Facts

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Some symptoms of PANCREATIC CANCER are: Jaundice Weight Loss Digestive Difficulties Diabetes Lower Back Pain Abdominal Pain Blood Clots Know The Facts

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In 2009, the National Cancer Institute only allocated a mere 2% of its $5 Billion budget to PANCREATIC CANCER research. Know The Facts

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Top 5 U.S. Cancer Killers’ NCI Funding & Survival Rates

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Decreases of NCI Funding for Training Grants, 2008-2009

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NCI Funding for Early Career Scientists

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Average Size of NCI ARRA Grant

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In 2010, it was estimated that about 43,140 individuals will have been diagnosed with PANCREATIC CANCER and 36,800 will have died from the disease by the end of the year. Know The Facts

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The incidence of PANCREATIC CANCER in the US and Europe is rising for as-yet undetermined reasons, but may be linked to obesity and rising levels of environmental toxins. Know The Facts

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“Today, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has a full staff, and a growing community of volunteers from across the country, who are committed and empowered individuals, working hard each day to change the course of history for PANCREATIC CANCER. As the only national organization working to advance research, support patients and create hope we are grateful for the years of continued and generous support from our donors, volunteers, advocates, patients, healthcare professionals and scientists.” ~ ~

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Fight for a cure, in honor of the SURVIVORS, the WARRIORS and the ANGELS.

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THE FACES: The Warriors and Survivors

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Know The Faces Diagnosed: Apr. 2009 (Stage 2), STILL WINNING! Angel

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Know The Faces Faith

Slide 26: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Nov. 1999 (Stage 1), STILL WINNING! Cindy

Slide 27: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Dec. 2006 (Stage 4), STILL WINNING! Dawnella

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Know The Faces Awareness

Slide 29: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Oct. 2009 (Stage 2), STILL WINNING! Dot

Slide 30: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: April 2009 (Stage 2), STILL WINNING! Joel

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Know The Faces Research

Slide 32: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Mar. 2007 (Stage 2), STILL WINNING! Linda

Slide 33: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Oct. 2006 (Stage 2), STILL WINNING! Michelle

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Know The Faces Funding

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Know The Faces Diagnosed: Aug. 2004, STILL WINNING! Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Slide 36: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Dec. 2008 (Stage 1), STILL WINNING! Tammy

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Know The Faces Courage

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Know The Faces Diagnosed: Jul. 2010 (Stage 4), STILL WINNING! Wilda

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The Angels THE FACES:

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Know The Faces Diagnosed: Dec. 2008 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Apr. 2009 Aaron 4 Months

Slide 41: 

Know The Faces Burt Diagnosed: Oct. 2008, Passed Away: Aug. 2009 10 Months

Slide 42: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Dec. 2009 (Stage 3), Passed Away: Nov. 2010 Dino 11 Months

Slide 43: 

Diagnosed: Oct. 1985, Passed Away: Jan. 1986 Know The Faces “The Donna Reed Show” Donna Reed 3 Months

Slide 44: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Jan. 2004 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Feb. 2008 Geri 49 Months

Slide 45: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Jun. 2010 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Jan 2011 Jim 7 Months

Slide 46: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Jul. 2007 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Nov. 2008 Joe 16 Months

Slide 47: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Mar. 2008(Stage 3), Passed Away: Jul. 2009 Mark 16 Months

Slide 48: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Apr. 2010 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Sep. 2010, Mary 5 Months

Slide 49: 

Diagnosed: Apr. 1991, Passed Away: Jul. 1991 Know The Faces “Little House on the Prairie” Michael Landon 3 Months

Slide 50: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Mar. 2008, Passed Away: Sep. 2009 “Dirty Dancing” Patrick Swayze 18 Months

Slide 51: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Aug. 2008 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Sep. 2008 Peggy 1 Month

Slide 52: 

Diagnosed: Sep. 2006, Passed Away: Jul. 2008 Know The Faces “The Last Lecture” Randy Pausch 22 Months

Slide 53: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: May 2010 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Oct. 2010 Steff 5 Months

Slide 54: 

Know The Faces Diagnosed: Apr. 2010 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Nov. 2010 Tina 7 Months

Slide 55: 

Know The Faces William Diagnosed: Mar. 2007 (Stage 4), Passed Away: Jun. 2007 3 Months

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Dedicated to my beautiful mother, my best friend, my inspiration and hero – a warrior since 10/25/10.

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Know The Faces Carol Diagnosed: Oct. 2010 (Stage 4), STILL WINNING!

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Without You Mom, without you, there would be no me.Your love, your attention, your guidance,have made me who I am.Without you, I would be lost,wandering aimlessly,without direction or purpose.You showed me the wayto serve, to accomplish, to persevere.Without you, there would be an empty spaceI could never fill, no matter how I tried.Instead, because of you,I have joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace.Thank you, mom.I have always loved youand I always will. By Joanna Fuchs

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A very special “Thank You” to all my PC Support Network friends that helped make this video possible. Angel R. Cathy R. Christina M. Cindy M. Dawnella H. Dot P. Inez W. Lisa J. Marilyn M. Michelle S. Pam C. Shawn H. Tammy T. Teri E. Jodi H. Joel J. Julie M. Kelly C. Kristen R. Lesa C. Linda P.

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