The night of Peruvian food

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The night of Peruvian food:

The night of Peruvian food

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July 27 will be held "The Night of the Peruvian food" to pay homage in style to the tastesof that blessed country. For the fourth consecutive year a popular soft drink will behosting this memorable party you are invited to join us where we stand, eating sometasty Peruvian food dish The whole country is festive attire for this occasion that will pay tribute to the variety of Peruvian cuisine. On this occasion Trujillo will be the host city for the main feast artistswill gather in the main square of town for the show to be made by the evening of Peruvian food. So traveler, if you are in Peru you can not miss the opportunity to sample the best of their food. Bon appetit !

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DUCK WITH RICE Chiclayana Ingredients : - 1 k rice - 1 ½ cups grated pumpkin loche - 1 bunch cilantro - Garlic , peeled and chopped - Oil - Pepper - 1 2 k duck , bald and clean - chopped in pieces - 1 kilo of green beans , peeled - ½ cup pumpkin , chopped - 1 large bottle of dark beer - 1 seasoning cube - Sal

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Preparation: Heat oil in a skillet and brown the duck prey. Once browned remove to a bowl. Pour the oil where dams were fried duck pot. Add garlic, peas. Blend the cilantro with the stout and pour into the pot. Add 4 cups water, grated andchopped pumpkin. Season with salt, pepper and seasoning. Place duck dams and finish cooking. Remove when cooked and set aside in a bowl,covering to keep cool. Add the rice, reduce heat and leave much. Place the duck at the end dams.

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KID TO THE NORTHERN Ingredients : - Kid in pieces - Chicha de Jora - ground yellow chili - Yellow Pepper strips - Cassava cooked - loche grated pumpkin - Onion - Lemon - Coriander chopped - Oil - Garlic , minced - Ajinomoto bike - Sal - Pepper - Comino

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Preparation: Well first, maceration, kid should always be with chicha de Jora . But there is something to do, which markets almost never sell chicha , chicha maize but, so before buying askwhat else is chicha , and must also ask whether the chicha is strong or not. What happens is that when the chicha is strong, then the dish tends to go a bit sour, howeverwhen the chicha is more or less fresh, or approximately 2 weeks of soaking, then therewill just be able to appreciate the like the kid. This kid is just because it is not lamb, goat, as you know is a very gentle anima Well , we have a kid in pieces, then add the chicha , chopped garlic, ground yellowpepper , seeded, salt, pepper, cumin (cumin is thrown more than pepper). Allow to marinate for a couple of hours, if the kid outgrows it is advisable to digest it overnightbefore you do to suck the chicha and seasonings. If the northern kid who writes them isnorth of Chiclayo honcho, so you better do so with chicha , not beer, otherwise it would no longer be a kid to the northern. l , some call it goat's milk . Then chop the yellow pepper strips, get the veins, nuggets, about 3 to 4 peppers. Pouroil into a pan and add the garlic, ground yellow pepper, yellow pepper, chopped. Fryeverything and start adding the pieces of kid, but do not brown much, then pour thesoaking liquid from the kid. Cook until tender, add the cilantro, which is a fair amount.Then throw the grated loche and cook 5 minutes. Serve with cooked cassava, together with a Creole sauce. The Creole sauce can be prepared with onion, lemon, salt,pimientita , a little pepper and culantrito bike not chopped. Also be accompanied withcanary beans, preferably the camanejo which is softer, grained white rice.

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