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The Russian Revolution:

The Russian Revolution -by, Jithu P.B

What is Russian Revolution?:

What is Russian Revolution? The Russian Revolution is the collective term for the series of revolutions in Russia in 1917, which destroyed the Tsarist autocracy and led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

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Czar Nicholas II was the ruler of Russia in 1914. He made the people suffer under his blind acts and atrocities. People were fed up of his demon acts. He had conquered over many countries and made his Russian empire very large. He had all the nation’s capital with him and poor people and laborers were given very little to eat. People wanted many changes and get rid of his unfair monarchy.

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Russian Empire by 1914

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Who were Liberals, radicals and conservatives ?

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Liberals: Liberals were those person who wanted a nation which tolerated all religions. They wanted to safeguard the rights of individuals against the government.

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Radicals: They wanted radical changes in the society. They were in the favour of majority rule, women’s suffrage and universal adult franchise.

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Conservatives: Before The French Revolution, they opposed any change but after that, they also felt the need of change but with a slow pace

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Causes for the Revolution: The industrialization in Russia & the protest of labourers. The socialism in Europe encouraged the Russians to revolt against the Czar. Teachings & books of Karl Marx & Friedrich of England encouraged the people for the changes. The pressure from mainly liberals & radicals also brought about the revolution. People’s anger for Czar for his atrocities.

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The chief cause was the Russia’s participation in the 1 st world war and the loss of economy and human capital in the Czar’s rule which made people lost their temper and thus The Russian Revolution took place

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What Revolution brought? After the revolution the Czar’s monarchy collapsed over Russia. The Russian Communism was established. Most Non-Russian nationalities were given political autonomy in the USSR. Food for work scheme was introduced and people were paid by food rather than wages. Each person had to work according to his capacity and get food according to his need.

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The End

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