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Skinput Technology:

Skinput Technology By manikanta 3rd sem, MCA.


Contents What is Skinput Principle of Skinput How it works Advantages Video explanation Conclusion

What is Skinput:

What is Skinput Giving input through skin. Was developed by Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University), Microsoft Research.

Principle of Skinput:

Principle of Skinput It "listens" to the vibrations in your body. “Skinput” also responds to various hand gestures. The arm is an instrument.

How it works:

How it works It needs Bluetooth connection. It uses a microchip-sized Pico projector to display menu. An acoustic detector to detect sound vibrations.

Advantages :

Advantages No need to interact with the gadget directly. Don’t have to worry about keypad. People with larger fingers get trouble in navigating tiny buttons and keyboards on mobile phones. With Skinput that problem disappears.

Video Explanation:

Video Explanation



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