Happy 25th Anniversary!!

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Happy 25th Anniversary!!:

Happy 25 th Anniversary!! “Yea, it’s been that long!”

Slide 2:

Starting as friends… Clearly Attractive YOUNG teenagers……

Slide 5:

Never a care in the world, except for one another……

Slide 7:

Cindy sure knows how to pick em ’… He can iron…. and clean dishes.

Slide 8:

And so their relationship grew…..

Slide 9:

LOVE never looked so good………

Slide 10:

Almost as if he was already part of the family….

Slide 11:

Like their relationship was taken straight from a movie….

Slide 12:

And then came that Fateful day…

Slide 13:

Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Do I hear wedding bells?

Slide 14:

But the Fun never stopped!!

Slide 15:

They only continued to grow closer as a couple.

Slide 19:

Even after their 1 st son Timothy… And their 2 nd son Daniel… And their daughter Jennifer….

Slide 20:

Jean still cant help but sneak in a quick peek here and there…

Slide 21:

But Who Could Blame Him!

Slide 22:

They continued on to mature into the most beautiful family!

Here’s to 25 years more! :

Here’s to 25 years more! Love you two, with all of our hearts! You only inspire us all to achieve what you have already!

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