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230 Navigation and Applied Sciences Department : 

230 Navigation and Applied Sciences Department Major Projects: Ocean Survey Systems Supporting Fleet Ballistic Missile Community Global Positioning System Receiver Design, Development, and Testing Navigation Sensors and Systems Design, Development and Integration Airspace Management and Control Systems Marine Mammal Technology Environmental Quality Technology Security, Surveillance, and Robotic Systems ASW Tactical Training and Decision Aids Department Manager: 619-553-3500 Statistics: 6 divisions 400 employees Approx. $170 million annual budget San Diego: Point Loma and Old Town; Los Angeles; Georgia

231 Global Positioning and Navigation Systems Division : 

231 Global Positioning and Navigation Systems Division Major Projects: GPS Platform Inertial Systems and Technology Embedded and Integrated GPS Technologies GPS VME Receiver Card Testing (GVRC) Inertial System Development and Testing Miniature Airborne GPS Receiver (MAGR) Division Manager: 619-553-5459 Mission Statement: Navy’s principal agent to perform research, development, test, and evaluation of Global Positioning System (GPS) systems and equipment. Statistics: 5 branches 90 employees $17M total obligation authority Pt. Loma buildings 1, 106, and 128; Old Town Campus 1; Georgia; Los Angeles GPS Test Lab

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. Programs

232 Marine Navigation Division : 

232 Marine Navigation Division Major Projects: AN/SSN-6 Navigation Sensor System Interface (NAVSSI) Development HMS SCOTT Ocean Survey System NAVOCEANO Ocean Survey Support Ocean Bottom Bathymetry Backscatter Imagery Ocean Bottom Classification Inertial Navigation Systems Mission Statement: Navy’s principal agent to perform research and development in marine applications for ocean survey and navigation systems integration. Statistics: 4 branches 62 employees $20M total obligation authority Pt. Loma buildings 1, 48, 143, 146, 150, 175, and 204 Ocean Survey, NAVSSI and Inertial Labs Division Manager: 619-553-3151

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233 Airspace Systems Division : 

233 Airspace Systems Division Major Projects: Air Traffic Control Systems (ATC) Marine ATC and Landing System (MATCALS) Caribbean Regional Operation Center (CARIBROC) Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Precision Approach Radar (PAR) Instrument Landing System (ILS) Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare (MIUW) Vans Position Location Reporting System (PLRS/EPLRS) Division Manager: 619-524-2545 Statistics: 3 branches 80 employees $34.2M total obligation authority Old Town Campus building 2 Mission Statement: Provide a full range of development, systems engineering, and support for Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and civilian agency ship, shore, and airborne airspace management and control systems.

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235 Biosciences Division : 

235 Biosciences Division Major Projects: Marine Mammal Systems MK-4, MK-5, MK-6, MK-7 and MK-8 SWIDS DARPA Biomimetic Sonar Contracting Agent for DARPA Controlled Biological Systems Program Division Manager: 619-533-5252 Mission Statement: Conduct a broad spectrum of research and development in biological science, marine animals, biomimetric, and biosystems. Provide medical, behavioral, and engineering support to fleet animal systems. Statistics: 2 branches 40 employees $18.7M total obligation authority Pt. Loma buildings 16T, 112, 193, and 194 Marine mammal docks and enclosures

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Water Intrusion Detection System (SWIDS) : 

Water Intrusion Detection System (SWIDS) Objectives: Utilize California Sea Lions to assist US Navy assets in performing Fleet force protection operations Demonstrate capabilities under and around ships / piers / open water Propose initial one year technology demonstration followed by analysis for out year fielding Significance: Provides efficient and effective method for addressing underwater portion of the force protection mission Demonstration system could be mission ready within 3 months SWIDS is fully interoperable with existing force protection assets (Waterside security, MK6 Marine Mammal System, MIUW) Accomplishments: Established sea lion training and research facility Demonstrated sea lion capabilities to search for and mark surface swimmers and divers as stand alone system or in coordination with hardware units Delivered sea lion object recovery system to the fleet

236 Environmental Sciences Division : 

236 Environmental Sciences Division Major Projects: Sunken Ship Study (SINKEX)/Artificial Reef Study (REEFEX)/PCB LEACH-RATE Study Chemical and Biological Sensor Systems Marine Environmental Support Office (MESO) Stochastic Resonance, Nonlinear Dynamics Uniform National Discharge Standards, Modeling and Simulation Division Manager: Acting, 619-533-6349 Statistics: 4 branches 70 employees $11M total obligation authority Pt. Loma buildings 1, F9, 67, 111, 121, 142, 148, and 149 Labs-Marine Environmental Sciences and Sensor Development

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Marine Environmental Quality Assessment and Remediation . Marine Environmental Survey Capability (MESC) Programs Environmental Transport Fate and Effects Modeling

Stochastic Resonance / Nonlinear Dynamics : 

Operational Pay-Off: Communications - Nonlinear Sensor Arrays, Active Antennas, GPS Anti-Jamming Surveillance - Non-Acoustic ASW, Explosives Detection Non-Destructive Evaluation Biomagnetics Accomplishments: Proved coupling non-linear elements in arrays boosts detection performance and increases SNR by >10dB. Discovered how optimal array coupling and noise strength scale with array size. SQUID Magnetometers - Increased sensitivity and noise tolerance, used Heterodyne Signals for convenient frequency measurement, reduced cost of associated electronics. Quantified dolphin echolocation clicks with 3 parameters. Showed how noise can extend signal propagation in non-linear medium. Developed high performance computing software to simulate stochastic non-linear systems and signal processing performance. Published 23 research papers on stochastic non-linear dynamics since 1994. 1 Patent issued, 3 pending. Stochastic Resonance / Nonlinear Dynamics

237 Advanced Systems Division : 

237 Advanced Systems Division Major Projects: Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS) Electronic Harbor Security Waterside Security System Man Packable Robot Systems Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare System Upgrade (MIUW-SU) Division Manager: Acting, 619-533-6349 .

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Man Portable Robotic System SSC San Diego Accomplishments Developed MPRS for the UGV/S JPO as an initiative for the Joint Contingency Force Advanced Warfighter Experiment. Successfully participated in Concept Experiment Plan at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, in October of 1999. Developed second-generation robot for the Army’s 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, NY in February of 2000. Fabricated four hardened systems for participation in the JCF AWE at Fort Polk, LA in September of 2000. Developed entire system from initial user requirements to final fielded product in less than a year. Operational Relevance Removes warfighters from dangerous environments by providing a remote inspection and surveillance capability. Intended for Tactical and Force Protection Scenarios: – Urban warfare reconnaissance in tunnels and sewers. – Remote surveillance for Special Forces. Digital telemetry link allows voice/video/data relay to any command center that has access to an IP-based network. Technology transfer platform for DARPA TMR program. Amphibious/land-based marsupial delivery capability.

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