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Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 :

Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 BTEC National Travel and Tourism

What Factors Are Involved? (Week 1 in Bold):

What Factors Are Involved? (Week 1 in Bold) Changes in destination: growth and decline Customer types: more market segmentation Length of stay: a more flexible industry Variety of things to do: adventure, sport, activity Political aspects: the ‘War on Terror’, safety and health Technological: growth of e-commerce and new transportation

Changes in Destination:

Changes in Destination Choice of places visited for holiday or leisure change over time Some destinations become unfashionable Others fall into decline through under-investment and unpopularity New ones emerge through planning and changes in society

Customer Types :

Customer Types Greater use of market segmentation in industry had led to focus on more varied customer groups: Leisure customers Business customers Independent travellers Package holidaymakers Age-specific groups

Length of Stay:

Length of Stay The industry has become more responsive to customers’ demand for flexibility: Choice of shorter breaks More ‘serial holidaymakers’ (multiple breaks) Long holidays taken in career breaks More firms adopting flexible working patterns

Variety of Things to Do:

Variety of Things to Do Social factors such as demographic change and trends to healthier lifestyles have encouraged: Adventure holidays Leisure and activity-related breaks Extreme and risk sports holidays

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