Subject Choice and Career Choice

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Subject Choice & Career Choice : 

Subject Choice & Career Choice By Julie O’Connor Guidance Counsellor

Agenda : 

Agenda To examine the importance of choosing the right subjects by looking at: General college requirements Specific course requirements To explain the school’s programme in relation to subject choice To explain the procedure of subject choice

College Entry Requirements : 

College Entry Requirements General College Requirements: Degree requirements: Cert/Diploma Requirements: Specific Course Requirements: Points - reflect demand of year in question! Interview/Portfolio/Performance/Fitness Test

Subject Requirements : 

Subject Requirements Maths, English & Irish - most commonly required. A 3rd Language is required by the NUI colleges. Most Business courses state a requirement in Maths - not a business subject! An Art portfolio is required for most art related courses - Art itself is not required! A minimum of one science subject is required for the following fields: Nursing, Medical/paramedical, Science, Engineering

Examples of Course Requirements : 

Examples of Course Requirements Medicine (UCC) HC in Chemistry + HC in Physics or Biology Computer Systems (UL, degree) B3 in ordinary level Maths Business Studies (UL, degree) C3 in ordinary level Maths Engineering courses (degree) Honours Maths (HC3), 1 science subject Note: Physics is a good indicator for engineering

What to research! : 

What to research! Check the relevant college/employer literature check the overall college requirements check the course requirement subject grades/level Check the course content - this will highlight what subjects are predominant Good websites include;

Subject Choice - Guidelines : 

Subject Choice - Guidelines Pick the subjects you are most interested in. Maximise your points. Achieve grades specified by employers or colleges. Pick the essential subjects for your hoped course or career. Mistakes can be made in career decisions!

St. Clement’s College Transition Year Subject Choice Programme : 

St. Clement’s College Transition Year Subject Choice Programme 1. The school’s programme outlined 2. Subject choice procedure

Schools Programme : 

Schools Programme Senior Cycle Modules Career Classes Work Experience Programme Mid West Careers Exhibition Aptitude Test Interest Inventory Career Project Careers Interview

Procedure for Subject Choice : 

Procedure for Subject Choice Initial Survey Students indicate their preferences Construction of subject lines This will take into account the initial survey Students choose one subject from each constructed line for their senior cycle subjects Feedback Note: Limited Resources influence level of choices available!

7 subjects to Leaving Certificate : 

7 subjects to Leaving Certificate The Core subjects that are essential: 1. Mathematics 2. English 3. Irish - unless exempted by Dept. of Educ. The remaining choices: 4. Languages/ ? (depends on preferences stated and resources available) 5. Science/Business/Humanities 6. Science/Business/Humanities 7. Science/Business/Humanities

Sample of Subject Options : 

Sample of Subject Options One subject is to be chosen from each line to make up your Senior Cycle subjects Spanish/French/German/Economics Chemistry/Art/Business/History/Geography Biology/Applied Maths /Economics/Geography Physics/Accounting/Geography/Business Note: ~ 90% of students each year are accommodated with their 1st preferences.

Summary : 

Summary Maximise your options for college: Maths, English, Irish, a modern European Language, 1 science subject. Remember to research appropriate careers websites college/employer websites/literature Important to check the grade/level required. Pick the subjects you are most interested in or have an aptitude for! Remember a lot of courses do not require any special subjects!

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