Canadian mosaic

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Canadian mosaic:

Canadian mosaic

What Is Mosaic?:

What Is Mosaic?

The Aboriginal People:

The Aboriginal People Aboriginal peoples are recognized in the Canadian constitution. There are three groups of aboriginal peoples: Indians, Inuit and Métis.

The Indian people:

The Indian people Indians were named by Christopher Columbus, who, in 1492, believed he had arrived in India We are almost certain today that the North American Indians arrived from Siberia via the Bering Sea nearly 25,500 years ago.

The Inuit:

The Inuit The word “Inuit” means “real man” The Europeans formerly referred to the Inuit as “Eskimos”.

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They were the last group immigrated in Canada. Some of them were killed by the native Indians They move back to the far north.

The Metis:

The Metis The Metis originally means the people with mixed blood The Canadian metis is the descendant of the French fur traders and the local Indians. Of the three Aboriginal groups, the Métis stand out with the stronges population growth over the last few years: 43% between 1996 and 2001

The so-called The First Canadians:

The so-called The First Canadians Since the 1980s , native Canadians have been officially referred to as “the First Nations” Yes, you guys are the first Canadians!

The poor conditions of the Indians:

The poor conditions of the Indians Income is less than half the Canadian average Life expectance is 10 years lower high infant death rate High rate of suicide

We need CHANGE!:

We need CHANGE! I am so sorry, my brother

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