racial discrimination

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Racial Discrimination in the USA:

Racial Discrimination in the USA

the origin:slave trade:

the origin:slave trade

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Slaves were spread to the areas where there was good quality soil for large plantations of high value cash crops, such as tobacco, cotton, sugar, and coffee

--Sugar and coffee became BIG business in Europ -- a luxury in Europe --part of daily life in Europe:

--Sugar and coffee became BIG business in Europ -- a luxury in Europe -- part of daily life in Europe

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in 1619 ,the first record of African slavery in America was made the White Lion, had captured 20 Angolan slaves

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From then on, more and more black people were taken to America a record shows that t welve million Africans were shipped to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries

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Slavery in America was based on race. Majority of slaves were men. Majority of slaves worked in the fields. Slaves were considered property

Slave codes:

Slave codes To help regulate the relationship between slave and owner, including legal support for keeping the slave as property, thus slave codes were established

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1640s: Virginia & Maryland started passing slave codes Reflected the lower status of African slaves

other interpretations:

other interpretations America is a relatively young nation. America is a melt-pot .......

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