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SUMMARY The book is printed by Oxford Universty Press and was first published in the year 2002. The outher Jack London was born in San Fransisco. The book White Fang is his second book which he wrote after a book called “Call of the Wind ”that related the story of a sled-dog which after leaving his owner became a wolf. White Fang narrates the story of a half cast wolf born in the wilds of North Canada . White Fang encountered first its Red Indian owner and then the two white men who incontradiction to each otherone of whom was very cruel and the other kind and gentle. White Fang was initially forced to fight with other dogs by its first owner but later in the hands of his second owner he became hero after saving the life of his master’s father and at the end of the day his ferocious nature was converted to a gentle obedient and loving dog caring his offspring. Weedon Scott who saved the life of White Fang and who nursed and cared for him is my favourite character. He revealed love and good nature of menkind. Beauty Smith in contrast to Scott demonstrated the evil inside menkind through his cruelty savagery and greed who didn’t care about lives of other creatures. This is why to me he is the least likeable person. The story ends in the most pleasent where by White Fang the growling wolf is converted into a domestic pet and his continous fight to survive finally ends through the human aproach and affectionate treatment of Scottand his family. The white wolf inide White Fang gave way to loyalty love and obedience of a dog. Thus resurracting the suprest dog inside him. Giving way to the men’s best pet the dog! The moral of the story is love and affection our secret tools which turns even a savage beast into a loyal reliable friend is rather examplary to all menkind and this is why I recommend that book all other children of my age g row and above to read this book .

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