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Our e-Commerce Solution:

Our e-Commerce Solution Vision Consultancy Tel: 777-00-555-666 Email: Address:234 Edmund road Sheffield

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…..We Know You Are Clothes Retail Store

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We believe that Mathematics is at the core of everything in life.... ....Lets do some basic Mathematics then, shall we?

Simple equations:

Retail Store = Local Customers = Some Cash Retail Store + Advertising= More Local Customers =More Cash Retail Store + e-Commerce =Global Customers = BINGO! Simple equations

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Now, What is e-Commerce?

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e-Commerce is the buying or selling of goods (in your case, clothes) and services over the Internet, as illustrated below.

Why e-Commerce?:

You can establish a global reach with a simple Website. You don't have to set up physical locations in different cities. A well-designed, well-written Web site can do double (or triple) duty as a marketing and advertising tool, a salesperson and a cashier, all wrapped up in one! Plus the Internet never closes. This means that your Web site is working for you 24/7. Why e-Commerce?

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Now That We've Got Your Attention… ...We Know What's on Your Mind

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Yes…. We Know You're Wondering… HOW?

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Just HOW can we turn this wonderful concept into piles of cash? By Creating an IT department, That’s How.

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The IT Department would primarily be in charge of running and maintaining the website, but can also perform other tasks including: EPOS maintenance/support Inventory software support Any other task seen fit

Organizational Chart:

Organizational Chart Department Head Design & Development Implementation Support

Team D&D:

The Design & Development team will be responsible for the following: Designing the website Choosing the best way to implement the website Recommending hardware/software to be used with the website Documentation Team D&D

Team Implementation:

The Implementation team would be responsible for the following: Deploying the website Setting up the hardware/software required Troubleshooting serious problems. Team Implementation

Team Support:

The Support team would be responsible for the following: Training Staff on how to use the new website Updating new information to the website as appropriate Performing minor troubleshooting Team Support

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Because of the confidential nature of e-Commerce, the staff of the proposed department must be held up to strict ethical and moral, and professional regulations. We have a few suggestions for ensuring that your staff maintain a high level of professionalism.

Ensuring Professionalism:

Perform background checks on current and potential employees Organise regular training sessions on professionalism & ethics for your staff( We do this as well) Encourage your staff to get professional certifications Treat your employees well, make them feel valued. Ensuring Professionalism


In Conclusion, we leave you with this final mathematical equation... Visions Consultancy + You = Success Conclusion

Vision Consultancy:

Vision Consultancy Sub-Group A Team Members Oluwaseun Paseda Harrison Okonma Ali Othman Anil Gone

The End.:

The End.

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