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Introduction to Language and Learning ENGL 117:

Introduction to Language and Learning ENGL 117 An Overview of the Course

Learning about Languages:

Understanding the importance and role of English in the world today. Learning about other major world languages. Learning about international languages qualifications. Learning about English vocabulary. Learning about Languages


Technology Using Microsoft Word effectively. Using GOOGLE as a study resource. Using the Internet as a study resource.

Study Skills:

Study Skills Learning to study independently. Using technology for academic purposes. Becoming a better communicator. Improving your English.

Resources and Materials:

Resources and Materials All the Resources, Materials and Information for this course will be available on the GE MOODLE at:


Assessment 40% Exams 60% Tasks 5% Bonus Task

Attendance and Participation:

GEMOODLE tracks and monitors your participation on this course. All the work and tasks are available to you online, and the course cannot be successfully completed if you do not participate on line. Classes are provided to support, guide, and help you complete the course successfully. Attendance and Participation

Office Hours:

Days and Times to be Confirmed Office GE 203 Mail: You can also contact me via the message service on MOODLE…. Office Hours

More about MOODLE:

MOODLE is not just a web-site. It is a learning community. You don’t just ‘look’ at the site. You do your work on the site. You don’t just share your ideas with the instructor – you share them with other students. It is now used by thousands of institutions all around the world. More about MOODLE


Success Comes from frequent logging into the site. Regular work (not last minute, intense, panic).


LOG IN NOW Through: Make sure that you have; Opened your MOODLE account Enrolled in ENGL 117 Completed your student profile including a short introduction, and uploaded your photo. LOG IN NOW!

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